In Pursuit of New Avenues of Access
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In Pursuit of New Avenues of Access

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Daniel Amezcua - UCB
Director General


Q: How do UCB’s products provide value to patients?

A: The industry is undergoing many changes, more than it was previously used to. In this regard, the company remains focused on the client, aligning with their needs and interests. We understand that countries and international markets may face volatility, but we manage each country independently, so they do not affect each other. This allows us to focus our efforts on the needs of each market.

We also try to work alongside public and private institutions to create products that are needed and to ensure that patients have access to them. That also constitutes part of our added value: finding new ways for patients to access to our medications.

We believe that patients need to be empowered through information. When patients visit their doctor, they already have information. We want to make sure the information they have is correct so that they can make the best decision

It is important to include patients in the treatment cycle because if the patient does not take the medication or does not follow the indications prescribed by the doctor all our efforts are in vain. We also consider prevention; that is, what the patient must do to avoid certain diseases.

Q: What opportunities does the company see in Mexico and what is its approach to take advantage?

A: There are many opportunities in Mexico, especially when it comes to access and delivery of medications to more patients. To achieve this, we are contemplating working with Seguro Popular, which would give around 55 million people access to our medications. Given that Seguro Popular focuses on diseases such as cancer, HIV and diabetes, we know that they do not have biological products such as ours.

For instance, a person with rheumatoid arthritis cannot be treated by Seguro Popular with a biological product. We are talking with state authorities to change this but that is also why we look for alliances. We understand that cost pressures are very high and that we have to be team players and work alongside the institutions to ensure that we provide a benefit to the biggest possible number of people.

Q: How does UCB innovate in medicines and introduce technology to its processes?

A: We have a close relationship with universities all around the world. Our corporate offices for the Americas have an innovation center that helps us generate all types of innovation alongside the students of Georgia Tech. We are also working to collaborate with some Mexican universities to foster not only academic exchanges but also to generate real-world evidence.

Q: What are UCB’s midterm plans in Mexico?

A: Mexico still offers significant opportunities to grow and to generate more access to health solutions. The problem Mexico has is that, on one hand, you have all the technology advances and on the other, you have a bulk of the population that does not have access to neither medicines nor doctors. When you have this type of imbalance in the country, it generates a great number of access opportunities.

think the government has done a lot in terms providing access to more people, but the conditions in the country do not allow for universal access. For that reason, we believe that Seguro Popular or whatever institution takes over in the coming years will be a great step towards increasing access to healthcare and bring these services closer to a larger percentage of the population

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