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Real-Time Data Can Lead to Savings: doHealth

Javier Pinzón - doHealth
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Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 03/22/2022 - 11:47

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Q: What makes doHealth the right partner for companies in and entering the Mexican market?

A: doHealth develops innovative solutions for companies in and out of Mexico that want to expand their presence in the Mexican market. We develop information solutions to control the supply chain of medical devices and aim to generate a different scheme for purchasing and consuming, where the manufacturer, distributor and intermediaries can receive information in real time. This data can lead to savings and better research and transactions. While some large companies focus on the health economy and others on market commercialization, few focus on mixing both areas into a single business strategy.

Q: What type of companies are seeking to do business in Mexico and how does doHealth help them?

A: We work mainly with medical device manufacturers and are starting to work with pharmaceuticals, which have more robust logistics as many deliver directly. We also work with distributors and manufacturers, which require specialized solutions that we can provide based on our knowledge accrued after many years in the sector.

We focus on productivity in the distribution chain. Foreign clients look for information about product demand and market size and behavior. Large companies tend to overestimate 30 percent of the market size, generating false expectations between the manufacturer and the distributor.

Q: What motivated doHealth’s international expansion and what services have been pivotal to this growth?

A: Our clients have private distributors, which get acquainted with our work and later decide to search for a market for additional products. We have grown through word of mouth but we are also building a new strategy for Latin America, where we will represent companies that have failed in their attempts to enter the region. Every region will be directed by a local leader who knows the market and can find the best distributor to develop a local strategy, allowing us to offer a strategic market plan with specialized knowledge.

Q: What are Mexico’s most attractive areas of investment for healthcare?

A: The pharmaceutical industry is slowly adopting technology. Some segments are adding many digital tools but hospitals still have not recognized their value because they see it as an expense. The sector will see a domino effect if distributors start to see and implement technology: if distributors use it, suppliers will follow.

Q: What led to doHealth’s alliance with Elsevier? 

A: We are looking for strategic alliances in which the objectives of both organizations overlap. This was the case with Elsevier, which has a global presence and a strong research backbone. We want to standardize digitalization to generate traceability in product consumption. Elsevier has a strong clinical vision, while we focus on logistics. We complement each other.

We also have an alliance with a US radio aerials manufacturer because almost all of our solutions include technological components. We are also building alliances in Latin America with experienced professionals to enter the region, which generates value through access.

Q: What are your growth expectations and what are your strategies to achieve them?

A: We have four lines of business: market research, health economy, business health strategies and information solutions. Each has a different behavior because they each operate under different market parameters. Our growth strategy is to use the results of our projects to make ourselves known among similar companies. We are not aiming to start 100 projects a year; we are more individually focused and many of the projects in technology information we undertake lead to strategic solutions.

For information solutions, our strategy is to form a highly-customizable suite of products that can be tailored to each client. We can help them develop their entire strategy, from their office to their sales points. We are very flexible; the software is ours and we are betting on generating value not only with tools but with complex products. We have a robust solution and we are looking to create a domino effect in distribution.

We engage in education so clients understand the value of technology. We opened a commercial office in Germany. We will soon launch a platform that will give clients access to a database that is updated every three months, continuously providing them with the most important, up-to-date data in the market.


doHealth is a research, consulting and technology firm that aims to improve healthcare by providing information to health professionals working at institutions, companies and hospitals.

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