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Reducing the Burden of Clinical Examinations

Alberto Albagli - Examedi
Co-Founder and CSO


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 10:14

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Q: What drove the founding of Examedi?

A: Examedi aims to improve the relationship people have with healthcare by reducing their stress during testing. Health is essential but many see it as an expense rather than an investment. Examedi is a platform that was created to provide quick, timely and high-quality access to healthcare. We live in a dynamic world where it is easy to access any service with a simple click but accessing healthcare digitally is more complex. 

Examedi provides clinical examinations at the patient’s home. Those who require clinical testing must invest a large amount of time for a process that takes only a few minutes: the patient must fast, plan their day and commute to a lab. These frictions are transversal, regardless of the country and the socioeconomic group. Examedi can bring nurses closer to the patient. This saves the patient time and ensures their day is not limited by a medical examination. Our platform is working well in Chile and Mexico, especially in the State of Mexico.

Q: Why did you decide to expand from Chile to Mexico instead of other Latin American markets? 

A: We conducted a market study of Mexico’s large population, which highlighted the opportunity in the country. People in Mexico also must endure severe traffic congestion, especially in Mexico City. Mexico already had some home sampling services but these did not take advantage of technology. We also recognized that despite Mexico's proximity to the US and its large population, the country’s population is less digitized than Chile’s. After identifying this opportunity, we were able to generate the necessary channels to communicate directly with the patient and deliver efficient solutions.

Q: How educated is the Mexican market regarding scheduling clinical tests online?

A: We started operations in Mexico seven months ago and decided to appoint a country manager, who has been fundamental to the formation of the team, helping us map the market in depth and allowing us to get closer to consumers. We have become the last-mile operator for one of the three largest laboratories in Mexico, an achievement that builds our credibility and helps our exponential growth. We have also allied with important brands, such as Farmapronto, Fertygen and Diagnostikare. In addition, we have built a channel to promote Examedi among those in the medical field. We focus on the patient but we also support doctors, allowing their patients to easily undergo the necessary tests.

Q: Examedi offers vaccination services. How does the company ensure the use of reliable vaccines?

A: We work and negotiate directly with vaccine manufacturers. By buying directly from laboratories, we ensure that vaccines have the correct expiration dates, arrive at the correct temperature and maintain the cold chain during all stages of transportation. We also help other companies provide this service to their employees or clients.

Q: How do Examedi’s nutrition services add value to its operations?

A: We launched nutrition services in Chile and are exploring their potential in Mexico. The entire world has an obesity problem, which leads to other diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes. Wellness is becoming more important and this service adds value by providing diets tailored to a person’s needs. In Chile, where the service is more developed, we even offer pre-prepared menus.

Q: What benefits do companies gain by offering Examedi’s services to their employees?

A: Many companies have a hard time when an employee misses work for health-related reasons. We take this burden off companies, while giving employees the sense that their employer cares about their health. We have had great results in Chile with this program. 

The COVID-19 pandemic increased companies’ interest in the health of their employees. Entering the world of basic check-ups is a good way for workers to take care of their health and for the company to avoid losing productive hours.

Q: What are the main goals that Examedi aims to achieve throughout 2023?

A: We are exploring the opportunity to offer services like nutrition. The next challenge is expanding throughout Mexico, which is a large country with a large population. We will continue expanding through alliances with laboratories. This year, we seek to quintuple the number of patients we serve and to continue to be the main ally of our patients.


Examedi performs home-based clinical tests in Mexico City, State of Mexico and several cities in Chile. It was founded in May 2021 to re-invent the way patients access healthcare.

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