Regional Investment Provides Healthcare to Neglected Regions
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Regional Investment Provides Healthcare to Neglected Regions

Photo by:   Faro del Mayab
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Ricardo Meouchi - Faro del Mayab
Director General


Q: As a highly equipped hospital in the south of Mexico, what particular efforts has Faro del Mayab made to increase health access?

A: CHRISTUS MUGUERZA complies with the highest international certifications regarding quality and patient safety. Combined with the network’s values, this puts us closer to our patients through competitive prices, digital solutions through friendly platforms and online information and payment services. Moreover, despite our competitive packages for clinical procedures, we have agreements with all national insurance companies and the largest multinational insurers.

Q: What activities has Faro del Mayab recently carried out alongside local authorities to meet the needs of your patients?

A: We have carried out cochlear procedures and we are supporting Fundación Tócate, which is promoting prevention and early detection of breast cancer. CHRISTUS MUGERZA is one of the few hospital systems genuinely involved in local social programs. It is through these efforts that we wish to continue working for neglected communities with the support of our medical community. 

Q: How does Faro del Mayab promote prevention to help eradicate some of the south’s health burdens?

A: Faro del Mayab works actively with our specialist team to promote prevention campaigns through our different social media platforms, in which we share some of the most relevant prevention methods. Moreover, we offer businesses, associations, civil organizations, investors and academics our Beneficios Saludables (Healthy Benefits) membership, which offers our diagnostic solutions at competitive prices. We also have a highly equipped unit for neurophysiology, audiology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dental and gynecological evaluation, among others.

Q: How is Faro del Mayab integrating technology into its internal operations to align with CHRISTUS MUGUERZA’s goals for digital interconnectivity?

A: CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Director General Horacio Garza wants the network to be the first digitalized hospital network in Mexico. To date, there is one CHRISTUS MUGUERZA hospital fully digitalized hospital in Mexico. This motivates us at Faro del Mayab and we are already integrating technology into our operations. Following the example of that CHRISTUS MUGUERZA hospital, we are starting the process in layers. We began by digitalizing our payments and scheduling and we are looking forward to implementing digitalization at a management level. Later, it will support our medical staff.

Q: Medical tourism has been paused due to the pandemic but Faro del Mayab had several plans for this area. How is the hospital reactivating these projects?

A: We never stopped promoting the hospital’s medical tourism capabilities. We maintained digital visits to the hospital and we are starting to resume in-person visits to our facilities following the controls and safety protocols indicated by the Ministry of Health.

Q: Considering your experience in the hospital sector, what plans do you have for Faro del Mayab as its Director General?

A: One of the primary challenges of the hospital sector is to generate economic certainty for the patient and for insurance companies. This requires the smart management of human and financial resources. The hospital sector needs to be more efficient in its investment priorities and look for state-of-the-art technology, provide competitive salaries, absorb increases in material and drug prices and continue issuing certifications without increasing prices or impacting our insurance allies. To achieve this, we are working on strategic alliances with our suppliers, planning technology investments and supporting our collaborators through training, leadership courses and other educational programs through CHRISTUS MUGUERZA University. This allows us to ensure a low rotation and the commitment of all our staff. My plans are to continue strengthening Faro del Mayab’s leading position, which it established during its first year in the country’s southern region.

Q: What needs to be done to ensure an equal distribution of specialists throughout the country, rather than having them concentrated in large cities?

A: Faro del Mayab is betting on something we call the “emotional salary” of our collaborators, which encourages them to come to the hospital despite its location and be truly committed to the center. This strategy also leads to better patient outcomes so I would recommend it to every hospital.

We are seeing more doctors from Mexico City coming to the south of the country, especially Merida. This goes hand in hand with the economic development of the state and its high security levels.

Q: In terms of equipment, what are Faro del Mayab’s investment priorities?

A: We have made an unprecedented medical investment in Yucatan. Faro del Mayab established specialized biomedical structures and diagnostic clinics and installed world-class equipment. We still have strong investment plans. The first investment will strengthen our digital platform related to obstetrics to provide real-time monitoring of patients, with all medical staff involved in the care process. Moreover, we are investing in symptomatology equipment to remotely determine the type of specialty care a patient requires and direct the patient to the right telemedicine consultation.


Faro del Mayab is a specialized medical center in Merida, Yucatan, and part of the CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Health System. The hospital offers medical consultation, diagnostic studies, surgical procedures, intensive care, rehabilitation and hemodialysis.

Photo by:   Faro del Mayab

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