Pedro Vera
Partner and Director General
View from the Top

Reliable Data Keeps Talent Updated

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 11:03

Q: What is the greatest added value that Intersistemas can offer its clients?
A: We do not market our products blindly. We build a tailor-made communications strategy around our clients’ needs based on our content and service offering so they can reach their desired audience. Intersistemas has a number of business units, one of which is focused on B2B relations where we work with companies in a variety of industries, including pharma, banking, insurance and food and beverages. Our other unit reaches out directly to doctors before they graduate and is dedicated to building platforms for continuing education. Our goal is to provide doctors in every specialty with the best tools and up-to-date content from reliable sources to help in their day-to-day activities.
All our units have demonstrated positive growth, although ICAS has been the most aggressive. ICAS, our Employee Assistance Programs division, gives people access to emotional support and psychological help programs 24/7. This division also provides nutritional assistance, legal consulting and helps clients manage government paperwork. Because everything is done in-house, we can guarantee the quality of our services. Client confidentiality is one of our priorities and we are certifying our personnel in ISO-27001, an international standard on data security.
Q: What flagship project showcases the capabilities of Intersistemas’ offering?
A: After medical students graduate as general doctors, they need to pass the National Exam for Applicants to Medical Residencies if they want to specialize. However, out of 50,000 applicants, only 5,000 can access postgraduate studies and some fields are more popular than others.
We developed an educational platform called Exarmed to help students prepare for the exam. They can even sit for a simulated test. Exarmed also highlights the topics applicants need to work on and how their knowledge compares to students from other institutions. Our solution has benefited thousands of students, which motivate us to keep developing platforms oriented to continued education.
Q: What channels do you use to reach your target audience?
A: We publish close to 2,000 pages of medical and healthcare content every month, written by a network of 600 authors who are leaders in the healthcare sector, half of them Mexican and the other half employed by internationally renowned companies. All our content is based on hard evidence, balanced among topics and without any commercial bias, which has helped us grow for the past 49 years and position Intersistemas as a reliable source of information. This vision helped us become exclusive representatives of the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most important medical publications in the world. We also work with institutions like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Once we generate content, we lean on the pharmaceutical industry to distribute it physically and digitally. We are supported by leading pharmaceutical laboratories, which gives us an entry point to doctors in all fields. Our sources speak for themselves and laboratories know they are contributing to an ongoing education effort. To complement this offering, we have our own distribution channel called Medikatálogo, which reaches doctors directly, especially those in remote areas.
Q: What is the main benefit that companies can get from using Intersistemas’ B2B products and services?
A: Our main focus is to ensure the well-being of our clients’ employees according to a holistic approach. Following our culture of prevention, it does no good for a doctor to prescribe a medicine to someone if the person does not understand what is wrong with them or how they can solve their issue. Through our Bienestar Total platform, our clients’ employees can access material that promotes a healthier lifestyle, which in turn creates a good-will relationship between them and their employer. We have organized really successful campaigns for quitting smoking, losing weight and promoting more nutritious eating habits at companies.