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Tue, 07/16/2019 - 18:09

Q: What benefits can patients get from using Epifast and how does this differ from traditional skin burn therapies?
PR: Epifast is a biotechnological product made from a human keratinocyte cell bank that is capable of releasing growth factors. These growth factors promote a faster and better epithelialization process. In the 1980s, the most common treatment for burn patients was to do an early surgical excision of the burned zone, but separation of bedsores could last for several weeks before the excision could be performed. Advances in regenerative medicine like Epifast help patients recover faster and better. Therefore, the probabilities of infection, complications and time of hospitalization are greatly decreased.
Q: Which patients could benefit the most from Epifast?
PR: Bioskinco’s biotechnological solution can be used for treating any condition of loss or damage to the skin. It is commonly used for burns because that is the line of research and development. However, several clinical studies and medical treatments have shown successful results on the healing of wounds like venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot and complex wounds.
PV: Epifast is an excellent treatment option for patients with loss of skin integrity. Its benefits are well-supported for burn patients and we have clinical evidence for the treatment of immune diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa or toxic epidermal necrolysis (NET), which are extreme reactions of the body to the intake of medicines. Epifast works well in complex cases because keratinocyte cells release growth factors that act in different layers of the skin.
Q: What benefits do doctors achieve by using Epifast?
PV: Bioskinco is fully committed to quality and supports doctors on how to use the product. Bioskinco’s training not only includes indication, contraindications and applications of the product, we also seek to train healthcare professionals in topics related to the best overall treatment, such as wound bed preparation and basic initial burn attention.
Q: What applications or developments is Bioskinco planning for Epifast?
PR: Epifast was developed in the 1980s based on a 1970s technology that focused on the culture of keratocytes. The great advantage of Epifast is that it was ahead of other products at the time and has become the most valuable contribution to regenerative medicine in Mexico at the moment. The future applications will come from the experience doctors gather from treating all types of wounds and will be illustrated through congresses and clinical trials.
However, Bioskinco does not stop there. The company will continue conducting studies to improve its product in collaboration with the Institute Fraunhofer in Germany. The company will know exactly what it is measuring and check the performance of growth factors being released. There is always the possibility to improve our product and as science progresses, Bioskinco will continue to improve Epifast.
Q: What are Bioskinco’s midterm plans?
PV: Bioskinco will maintain its focus on fostering the best quality of life for those patients who have a complex wound or skin loss due to any condition. Therefore, we will continue working to train healthcare professionals who are dedicated to treating those types of patients. We are also seeking higher availability to benefit most of the patients who need to recover from skin loss. Bioskinco seeks to further develop and improve this product for Mexicans with the highest quality and at a low cost.