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Self-Sufficiency in Technology Will Ensure Unique Products

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 05/29/2020 - 11:43

Q: What makes Medartis a leader in solutions for osteosynthesis in the fields of cranio-maxillofacial surgery as well as upper and lower extremities?

A: Since its beginnings in 1997, Medartis has delivered constant innovation in technology and highly specialized products, which is one of our differentiating factors. Medartis has a very strong innovation structure, which is continuously working in the field of osteosynthesis and implants. Our innovations are a result of working together as a team and listening to our surgeons and key opinion leaders in different parts of the world. This allows us to create new solutions to meet diverse patient needs. Growing, ageing and more active population leads to increased trauma incidents, so innovation is required to address new needs. Medartis collaborates with clients and their teams to develop the right solutions for them.

Q: How has the company reshaped the field with its product offering and practices?

A: Education has been a key factor. Trauma and orthopedics are very large fields of study. A variety of institutions are actively developing programs for specialization of surgeons, so working since day one on education and its promotion has been crucial for Medartis, especially at teaching hospitals. Our goal is to accompany doctors in the development of new knowledge and understanding the treatment for different types of patients. The early introduction of products and constant training have really been a game changer for us. Every year, we expand our product portfolio offering globally, having in 2020 the plan to launch more than 4 new systems.

Q: How has Medartis developed its position in the Mexican market?

A: Medartis Mexico has over 10 years of experience in the coutry. We have had the opportunity to work with government institutions and private facilities and the overall reception has been positive. We want to remain a relevant and innovative company for our clients, being flexible in our products and services, finding new solutions and adapting to clients’ needs.  

I have always said that healthcare needs are the same everywhere in the world; what changes is access to the products. Medartis manufactures in Switzerland to guarantee high quality and technology. The products developed in Mexico, in terms of technology, fall far behind European alternatives.

Medartis has developed unique implant systems that no other company can offer, with more than 70 granted patents. We can work with our surgeons to treat some specific bone fractures in a very special way with specific surgical techniques or instruments that no other system offers. Being self-sufficient in technology will ensure that no other company offers the same solution. Ultimately, the goal is that the patient can live a normal lifestyle as soon as possible.

Q: What partnerships have you formed to boost your operations in the country?

A: Medartis works closely with medical associations. We are interested in working with the national associations but also with local groups as this allows us to gain a better understanding of the country we work in. We have offices in the main cities of every country where we are present and we also have a consolidated distribution network.

We also use consulting companies to keep us up to date on regulations and the workings of market. Medical implants are subject to many regulations and working together with consultants guarantees that we deliver good work in the country.

Q: What new products is Medartis developing or adding to its offering?

A: In Mexico, we have been very successful with our maxillofacial division and we are launching 2 new systems in 2020. We are also specialized in solutions for the lower and upper extremities and our plan is to launch the most recent wrist system to maintain our market leadership in Mexico.

Q: How has COVID-19 impacted Medartis’ work as a healthcare company?

A: This pandemic will have an impact on all of us, from the way we do business to the way we live on a daily basis. We are aligned with the mandates from healthcare authorities, as we are a healthcare company and our products are essential for medical procedures. We are still working, as our priority is to keep supplying and have products available for when they are required. The strategy is to make sure we have enough supply to meet patients’ needs all over the world. We are also maintaining a close relationship with doctors and hospitals.

Q: What are Medartis’ priorities and growth expectations in Mexico in the short term?

A: We are under new management, and the company has new investment plans. We would like to reinforce our efforts to update the standard of medical implants in Mexico. We want to introduce technology to the medical devices market at an accessible cost. Mexico has low-cost, low-quality medical devices that are not properly registered so it is important to work together with the authorities to upgrade the necessary specifications for medical implants.

Medartis wants to work closely with the government, and especially with INSABI as it tends to a large segment of the population. It is important that good medical decisions lead the way for INSABI in the area of implant surgery. We are also looking forward to launching new systems and products throughout the year.



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