Sandrine Dupriez
Director General
Laboratorios Expanscience Mexico
View from the Top

Skin Care Gradually Gains a Following

Wed, 05/29/2019 - 11:59

Q: How have you advanced with the company's target to reach MX$500 million in national sales by 2020?
A: Our goal of growing annual sales to MX$500 million (US$26 million) by 2020 remains the same. This growth will come through both of our business units: our dermo-cosmetics line Mustela and our pharmaceutical product line for treating osteoarthritis. The Mustela brand is well-recognized, which means that the expected growth can be achieved. Our treatments for osteoarthritis are more recognized by healthcare providers every year. Part of our strategy for this line is to strengthen the triangular relationship between doctors, patients and Laboratorios Expanscience Mexico. In most cases, a doctor prescribes the medication and accompanies the patient.
Today, many people use the internet to look for more information about their health and find innovative treatments. We have therefore launched an awareness program called Vivir sin Dolor (To Live without Pain), in which we provide information about osteoarthritis symptoms and treatment options, as well as a directory of doctors that can help patients with this disease. This is helping people to detect symptoms earlier and to take the right steps to start treating the condition. To ensure the best results, it is important that patients consult their doctors and complete the whole treatment.
Q: Why are sales of skin products enjoying worldwide growth?
A: Due to the increase in pollution, the skin requires a more dedicated care. In Mexico, sunscreen is not yet as widely used as it should be. In Colombia, these products are used three times more than in Mexico. This is an area where there is still much to do. People should start using sunscreen every day, not just at the beach. Also, to be efficient, sunscreen must be applied at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. UV protection levels have gone up to offer a better protection.
Years ago, people would wear sunscreen with SPF protection 12. Today, the minimum is SPF 30, while SPF 50 has become the most-used product. Our portfolio of baby skin care offers products for all skin types: normal skin, dry skin and atopic skin. Skin care for babies is important and fortunately parents are starting to realize this. In past years, we have raised awareness about skin care with our team of beauty advisers. They are present in pharmacies and other points of sales to help parents choose the best skin care for their babies. Key opinion leaders who have experience with our products can also recommend specific routines to parents.
Q: How do initiatives like the Better Living Program contribute to your corporate social responsibility vision?
A: Since April 2018, Laboratoires Expanscience and its brands have been certified as B Corp, an international label awarded to companies that develop and operate their activities with a positive impact on society and the environment. Laboratoires Expanscience is the first pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory in the world to join the B Corp movement. Our Better Living Program goes along with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, which we voluntarily adopted in 2004 when we signed up to the UN Global Compact. Besides working to improve employee conditions, the program includes many initiatives for communities.
Locally, we bring support to various social and educational initiatives in Mexico. We provide mentoring to two target groups: female entrepreneurs and high-performing university students. The first program is called Victoria 147 and it provides support to women that want to start their own business or bring it to a higher level. The other mentoring program is called Talentum. Every year, 60 university students are selected from less favored backgrounds to receive personal guidance on building leadership skills and gaining confidence. We accompany these students for six months and provide shadow practices to give them the opportunity of a professional experience.