Marcela Rivera
Country Manager
View from the Top

Smart Medical Technology for a New ER

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 11:08

Q: What opportunity areas sparked the decision to bring Huli to Mexico?

A: Huli develops health-related technology products that target hospitals, doctors and patients. Mexico looked promising for us due to the number of doctors and hospitals, which is almost double than all Central America, and because there is not very much competition in the medical records sector. We were also very interested in validating our product portfolio in a market as large as Mexico's.

We have three main products for doctors: an electronic calendar, electronic health records system and marketing products. Our differentiator is that our all products track and monitor our patients throughout the entire medical process from the moment they seek a doctor until they leave the consultation. We are also developing a product that will provide patients with a personal medical file once they leave the doctor’s office, which we willlaunch soon. When this product is available, it will allow Huli to offer a broad range of services and give patients full control over their entire medical history.

For hospitals, we offer a smart medical directory that allows the hospital to easily and quickly display all information related to their medical staff. This directory also allows patients to easily find the doctors they need and schedule online appointments, which means they no longer have to wait for the call-center to open. After using the directory for 18 months, hospitals have increased appointment numbers by 30 percent.

Q: How do you attract doctors and what indicators do you use when selecting the doctors who work with Huli?

A: At Huli, we work with we use inbound marketing strategies and field sales agents. When it comes to individual doctors, we use a government website to verify their professional license and that the information they are providing us is correct. This allows us to ensure that we work with fully qualified medical professionals.

Q: How can digital health tools support the democratization of access to health?

A: What we try to do is provide the patient with real knowledge and make sure that the patient knows their doctor. We do not provide any medical advice. However, by having an electronic medical file, patients are required to have better medical attention. We do not have a free service per se but our platforms are free of charge for patients.

Q: What are the advantages and limitations you have found working in Mexico?

A: One of the advantages we see in Mexico is its extremely large population and the great possibility to grow by bringing an excellent and complete product which also includes an exceptional customer service. Another advantage is that doctors are becoming increasingly open to use new technology. However, there are still some limitations for our expansion in the country, one of the main ones is Mexican's skepticism regarding online subscription payments.

Q: What are Huli’s growth expectations in the medium term?

A: We would like to see Huli in all private consultations and we would also like to see Mexican patients receive better medical attention by using health tools. We see Huli as leader in clinical files in Mexico, providing doctors with a tool to work more efficiently and patients a tool to receive better medical attention. Before expanding to other countries, we want to be successful in Mexico and later grow throughout the rest of Latin America.