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Smart Resource Management in Sterilization Processes

By Miriam Bello | Wed, 09/30/2020 - 12:47

Q: What are the benefits of the company’s Going Green line?

A: Washing and sterilization are two key processes at hospitals. A considerable amount of clean water and energy are needed to guarantee proper decontamination.. Steris uses technology to reduce consumption of these two resources through the safe recirculation of water and taking advantage of the thermal energy contained in the steam exiting the system to heat the water that is entering through heat exchangers.

Q: What added value do you offer with your state-of-the-art products?

A: STERIS has a certified field service network that includes our employees but also the technicians from our distribution network, all trained at our facilities. We conduct all maintenance operations in-house. We also have technicians at strategic locations to provide quick access to hospitals if needed. Our training consists of two to three weeks at a specialized training center and are even open to every client that wants control of the operation. Still, our network is always ready to provide equipment maintenance.

Q: What makes STERIS the global leader in decontamination and infection control?

A: One of STERIS’ advantages is the introduction of a sterilization method for material that cannot withstand high temperatures, such as endoscopes, thermoplastics and robotic tools. Our technology differentiates us from other companies that use hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization.. STERIS Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide process Peroxidehas several benefits.

STERIS strands out for its adaptability to Customer demands. From Customers that do not consider sterile processing core to their business to the ones that consider it critical within their operation, we have a solution for every need and approach.

Q: How does STERIS decide what to incorporate into its service portfolio?

A: STERIS awareness of new trends  drive the innovation within the current business units or expansion to new businesses models most commonly through incorporations of new companies. On the last decade or so, STERIS has been acquiring several smaller companies that specializes on specific service offerings that fit STERIS vision.

Recently, STERIS has invested to expand its instrument repair service, either through acquisitions or creation of new business units.. In parallel, STERIS is constantly working to find new innovative processes and techniques to improve its current Field Service capabilities, mostly through technology.

Q: How does STERIS promote the importance of healthcare education, knowledge and training?

A:  STERIS University is a subscription platform that provides access to a wide array of courses. This is not exclusive for Customers as the purpose of these courses is 100 percent educational. We opened STERIS University America Latina in 2019 to offer webinars and classroom education to provide access to our Spanish and Portuguese speaking languages access to this valuable resource and promote higher standards.

Q: What are your priorities for STERIS Mexico in the short term?

A: We see great potential in Mexico. In spite of having manufacturing footprint in Monterrey for more than a decade now, our commercial presence was supported solely by distributors. However, after a recent acquisition, we now have a direct commercial operation of 40+ people. STERIS is really looking forward to seeing its presence in Mexico grow significantly.

We are exploring how to adapt the new business models implemented elsewhere within STERIS in Mexico moving away from the view of being a manufacturer towards a complete service provider. It is very important for us to be close to our Customers, understand their processes generate diagnostics of the current state and then offer something that adds value, rather than offering a cookie-cutter solution. Our diagnostic process is based on international norms, which results in real improvements.

Q: What is STERIS’ contribution to global emergencies like COVID-19?

A: As a global and publicly listed company, we have to take financially responsible measures, but we are not a company that is going to step back. This is a time when our clients need us the most. We know that we are all part of a community, and under this circumstance it is our  priority is to protect our employees. However, STERIS provides a key service for hospitals and during these challenging times we are taking the necessary precautions so there are no disruptions on the support to Hospitals. Also, our Infection Prevention Technologies will be a key differentiator on the fight against this virus and we are working diligently with the industry and regulators to make them available to help.


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