Smart Surgery Rooms Allow Better Decision-Making

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 11:20

With patients increasingly demanding better services and doctors looking for ways to provide them, hospitals have to find ways to deliver these services while keeping budget costs within the realms of the reasonable. Integrating technology through all hospital processes is a rising trend to optimize all services, from stock of medical supplies to continuous training and from equipment maintenance to payroll.

To streamline processes in surgery rooms and provide doctors with more up-to-date information to allow them to make better-informed decisions for the health of their patients, Vitalmex is introducing its Quirófano Total Inteligente (Intelligent Surgery Room) service. This system aims to provide high-quality attention for patients while maintaining responsible and sustainable economic costs. Vitalmex operates under a formula designed to increase surgery efficiency from 15 to 40 percent while keeping costs down. This system also alleviates risks related to the investment in healthcare assets and their maintenance and the management of consumables, accessories and medical devices. This model has been successfully used in over 200 hospitals, which are now able to provide multiple services simultaneously.

The company’s model includes the provision of continuous technological upgrades, no inventory management costs, smaller administrative and operational processes, increased productivity, optimization of human and economic resources and budget management for equipment, surgical instruments and other supplies through a single supplier in the healthcare industry. Vitalmex’s presence in Mexico, the US, Chile and now Germany with the acquisition of Gimmi GmbH is specialized in offering personalized solutions that address healthcare challenges generating value for all players in the supply chain.

“Integral services are transforming the way healthcare services are provided by making them more humane, efficient and profitable,” says Jaime Cervantes, CEO of Vitalmex.