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Specialized Health Supply Through Smart Acquisitions

By Miriam Bello | Fri, 04/23/2021 - 18:53

Q: How has your e-commerce platform boosted sales results?

A: We have experienced continuous growth since launching our e-commerce platform, which was almost at the same time as the COVID-19 outbreak. We were able to collect market information to create better approach strategies for our clients. We also have been more efficient in our product offering and logistics, adapting these to the needs of our clients. We continue to invest in the platform, primarily in software, to improve it and achieve better sales outcomes.

The e-commerce platform began with 3,000 products available for purchase. Now, we have 9,000 but the final goal is to reach 13,000 SKUs. This growth is reflected in a higher number of client visits. The platform has also helped us to close more sales. Having the ability to view the product online gives clients a better perspective of what we offer. We have also approached clients through webinars and digital conferences, which have turned out to be very effective.

Q: What is the status of your expansion plans scheduled for 4Q20?

A: 2020 was an atypical year. For the company, it meant a higher amount of work due to the nature of the crisis. Demand for cooling products and PCR components reached a record high, which drove us to increase our investment in those areas.

We are in the litigation process for the construction of our CEDIS in Queretaro. This 2ha project is being developed hand-in-hand with new subsidiary openings, one in Tijuana and the other in Culiacan that will open in 2Q21 and 3Q21, respectively. These facilities will mainly focus on the food and beverages and chemical industries, which are very strong in the north.

Last year, we also decided to acquire Científica Senna, which will boost our life sciences division. The acquisition of Científica Senna expands, strengthens and specializes the presence of El Crisol in the research market adding synergies and experience between the extensive inventory, geographic coverage and the diversity of brands with the specialized commercial team required by the market life sciences, thus contributing to the more than 60 years of experience of El Crisol. This company focuses on cellular biology, molecular biology, biotechnology and biochemistry. Through this action, El Crisol is reinvesting its profits from last year and expanding its offer. The COVID-19 virus is likely to remain a threat for the next two years at least and the mutations it presents will drive our sales. This will couple with growing concerns regarding healthcare, which is finally being prioritized.

Q: What is El Crisol’s approach to attract more clients?

A: Social media has been one of our main channels, which is also complemented by our sales agents, who visit clients when they are able to do so. Additionally, we are very active on LinkedIn. El Crisol is also mindful of SEO to be a top choice on Google’s search engine without having to pay for preferential positioning. Through our recent company acquisition, we are adding a client base of around 300 niche clients, which is also beneficial and different to what we are used to, as this will be a more specialized approach.

Q: For 2020, you expected double-digit growth for your pharma division due to the high peaks in demand following the tender results. Was this forecast correct?

A: Growth has been significant. Last year, we experienced great demand for generic medicines and this year, with the COVID-19 vaccination, El Crisol is still experiencing growth because we are the providers of Birmex in Queretaro and Landsteiner and Liomont in the State of Mexico.

Also, due to the poor results of the UNOPS medicine distribution scheme, we have been addressing the inventory shortage related to medications. This is concerning news for the industry but the response from the local industry has been as efficient and outstanding as ever.

Industry participants are also concerned about COFEPRIS’ extremely long wait times, which have slowed down important raw material and medicine approvals that are needed in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demand was also driven by OTC medicines. This is another line we will prioritize, along with our chemical, research and pharmaceutical verticals. As a Mexican company, our priority is to continue investing in the country to create a virtuous circle.


El Crisol is a Mexican company with 59 years of experience in the commercialization and distribution of laboratory equipment for different industries. It has offices in Mexico City, Puebla, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Merida.

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