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Specialized Quality Research for Integral Treatments

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 11/09/2020 - 15:05

Q: How do Corporativo IMT’s strengths translate into benefits for patients and doctors?

JR: Coporativo IMT comprises five companies. While independent, they all serve the medical community. The first company is Tecnología y Diseño Industrial (TDI), which addresses needs in traumatology and orthopedics. Besides addressing the technological design and functionality of products, it also addresses administrative, financial and logistics matters to take any development to the market. The second company, Top Health, is a tissue bank conformed by an R&D area where we create biological medical devices. Through donations, we gather tissue from skeletal muscle. These companies complement each other as traumatology requires tissue and raw materials such as demineralized bone matrixes or amniotic membranes.

Our third company is specialized in clinical analysis. It was born as a response to Top Health’s need for highly specialized clinical analysis. Mexico has limited options to release the needed samples of diseases or microbiology, so Corporativo IMT decided to create Centro de Diagnóstico Microbiológico e Inmunomolecular (CDMI) to analyze samples extracted from the tissue collected by Top Health. This allows us to secure safe, non-infected samples.

CDMI entered an alliance with a Chinese company with a large genetic information database. This company has access to 93 percent of all existing genetic information. This alliance enabled us to create a fourth company, Centro Genómico Avanzado (CGA), which oversees genomic services through gene sequencing to detect cancer and other hereditary diseases. Genomic studies are key for disease treatment and therapies and this is especially valuable for a country with a historic chronic disease burden. Through Centro Genómico Avanzado (CGA), we have been able to provide pharmaceutical recommendations with the goal of providing the right treatment for a patient.

We have clinical evidence of how patients suffering from Stage 1 and 2 breast cancer have overcome the disease through the treatments we recommend. Top Health and TDI have saved five people from losing a leg because we were able to provide them with a prothesis for the damaged areas of the leg.

Our fifth company is a mixing center (NUIT) that offers parenteral mixtures to nutritionists. Our growth plan is to begin working with oncological mixing compounds that would allow Corporativo IMT to introduce an integral offer for oncology patients through our five companies.

CL: We are a unique group in Mexico and Latin America. The precision technology, equipment and R&D we use are high-quality, coming from countries like France. Corporativo IMT’s strength comes from its collaborators and their daily commitment.

Q: What are Corporativo IMT’s plans to expand its services throughout Mexico?

JR: We are situated in Jalisco but we have a national reach, providing our services to more than 300 hospitals in the country. We work with the main government institutions such as IMSS, ISSSTE, SSA, PEMEX and are looking forward to add SEDENA to the list. In the private sector, we work with insurers, hospitals and individual doctors. We have more than 700 collaborators who serve and promptly respond to our clients in a personalized solution that works 24 hours a day.

Corporativo IMT is also moving into Latin America, which is a similar market to Mexico. Moreover, we will soon introduce our services to the US and Canada. As for the European market, we are looking forward to begin working in Spain in the long term.

Q: How have regulatory changes impacted your innovative solutions?

CL: We are ruled by NOM-0241, which requires an update that has been delayed for years now. Corporativo IMT already complies with this normativity because we base our work on international standards as we work with ISO-13485 and AATB for tissue bank safety. We are also up to date with all FDA normativity as we intend to enter the US market. As we develop biological medical devices, regulatory norms are our priority and we hope Mexico solves the status of NOM-0241 as soon as possible.


Corporativo Innovación Médica y Tecnológica (IMT) is a technology-based innovation ecosystem that incorporates five companies: TDI, Top Health, CDMI, NUIT Mixing Center and Advanced Genomic Center. It offers medical devices, orthopedics, biotechnology, genetics and specialized diagnostic services

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