A Step Into the Future: Médica Sur’s Mi Hospital Digital
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A Step Into the Future: Médica Sur’s Mi Hospital Digital

Photo by:   Médica Sur
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Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 06/08/2020 - 14:00

On Friday, Médica Sur introduced “Mi Hospital Digital,” a whole new hospital concept that has digitalized daily life practices for hospital staff, offering an innovative, safe and accessible platform for the management of patient health. During its introduction, Medical Director Dr. Octavio González Chon explained how Médica Sur allied with Aidicare, a Medtech company that provides technological hospital solutions through the use of AI. With the services of CISCO, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Endeavor, this project is able to automate practices on the safest way possible. 

How does “Mi Hospital Digital” work?

Each room has been equipped with the voice control assistant, Alexa, and a robot has been introduced in the facilities. Use of electronic clinical records for each patient is required and through a virtual medical platform, the hospital is able to provide safe telemedicine practices with a complete doctor-patient interaction that complies with the highest hospital quality standards. This same platform allows hybrid checkups that allow remote and presential diagnosis.

“This automation offers a much more efficient way or working as data and sign capturing becomes quicker and 100 percent safe and reliable. Doctors have been given smartphones where they can check patients’ information and send the necessary indications for nurses depending on the case,” said González. He explained that, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation was accelerated but Médica Sur had been tackling this challenge for months now.

“This was a huge step for the hospital, but our patient-centric mindset made us seek for a safe solution that would best cover their needs: needs that evolve with time and that reshape according to society of life. Up to date, bringing the hospital to patients is one of these needs, which is why it was our duty to develop the safest telemedicine offering possible.”

Juan Cáceres, CEO of Aidicare highlighted the visionary mindset of Médica Sur’s President Misael Uribe and González Chon when developing the project during Mi Hospital Digital’s presentation. “Trusting a startup for a project like this can be surprising, but they have a futuristic vision and a clear pathway for us to follow. They were clear when exposing their needs to us, which made it easier for all of the allies to know how to join efforts.” Cáceres encourages patients to take advantage of this well-developed project and to avoid self-diagnosis, especially right now that COVID-19 is still threatening the country “If you feel the need to go to the hospital, know that Médica Sur is a safe place,” he said.

“Linking these two actors (Aidicare and Medica Sur) is an example of our work on understanding both actors of the game; entrepreneurs and institutions,” said Endeavor’s Outreach Manager, Cynthia Torres. “We encourage alliances to grow and look for the right people to do it, in this case the alliances with AWS and CISCO add an incredible value to this platform. These disruptive projects are and will continue to be the core for Endeavor.”

A robot took the general attention during the presentation. With it, Médica Sur has been able to achieve better communication with the patient. “This innovation is new in Mexico and in the world. This is not a technological project, this a transformative healthcare project for the industry,” explained Isidro Quintana, Director of CISCO Mexico, highlighting how robots and automation are not just tools but the next step for hospital and for care in general. “Scaling health services in Mexico will change the game in terms of challenges, such as an ageing population or insufficient coverage of medical specialists around the country. As a leader in cybersecurity, we support all platforms of the hospital. We are sure that this will become an international example of the level of care that Médica Sur has put into all areas by joining the right allies to do so.”

All innovative services that providers can create are centered on the final consumer, client or patient, according to AWS Director Ricardo Renteria. “Each day, we have less technological limitations. Transforming all those tools into healthcare services is mind-blowing. We joined this project with our facial recognition services to be used on patients before entering the ICU or before surgery and we are proud to be part of this watershed for the country’s sector.”

Médica Sur’s General Director Juan Carlos Griera added that “this is a virtuous triangle for doctors, patients and consultations. The platform offers all the requirements for a safe telemedicine practice. Moreover, during the hospital stay, Alexa’s assistance and the robot give more security to the patient and provide doctors with all the necessary tools to be certain and aware of their patients’ health at all times.”

To conclude, Uribe shared that this is a huge complement to the services of the hospital. “What we see now with the pandemic is a complete change of focus, but healthcare cannot stop. What happens with patients with chronic diseases or regular treatments? At Médica Sur, we understood that long ago. Creating a new communication channel was key. Despite the general idea, technology, as we see it in the hospital, is a tool that helps patients feel safer and closer to the doctor as they are capable of having al their information updated and available at all times. This does not substitute traditional medicine; this evolves practices, such as us humans evolve. This is a transformation, a support for medical staff to make healthcare better for the patient.”

Photo by:   Médica Sur

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