Director General and Co-Founder of Gamma Biolabs
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Sterilization Vital in Saving Lives

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 13:11

Q: For which type of sterilization process are your biological indicators in highest demand?
A: Our biological indicators are used to test whether something has been properly sterilized. They are mostly used in steam sterilization but demand for dry heat sterilization is also growing.  
We are the only producers of biological indicators in Mexico. This provides us advantages in terms of fast and high-quality supply. We also provide training services to our clients, teaching the right skills to get the most out of our products.
Q: Who are Gamma Biolabs’ main clients and how are they divided between the public and private sectors?
A: Our main clients are in the pharmaceutical industry; they are the most important users of biological indicators. Other clients are hospitals, dental clinics and diagnostic and research laboratories. Overall, we have more than 300 clients spread across the country that we support through our offices in Guadalajara and Mexico City.
Q: What advantages do you get from your work with local suppliers?
A: We believe in Mexico’s producers and the national human talent. As a result, most of our supplies come from local producers. This allows us to work closely with them to make changes and improve our products, while lowering costs and improving logistics.
Q: What are your views on the state of the industry regarding sterilization and its importance for overall operations?
A: In the pharmaceutical industry, standards are generally higher. Hospitals and clinics, however, often only buy our products so they can fulfill the norms set by COFEPRIS. A robust sterilization policy is necessary to prevent infections and disease that could occur as a result of equipment and device contamination.
Q: What are Gamma Biolabs’ main goals for the near term?
A: We are doing research on two different products in the area of sterilization. Our goal is to launch these in late June or early July 2020. In terms of clients, we are looking to target bigger players, including multinationals. We want to export to more countries, especially in Latin America and Europe. The company already has an office in the Netherlands, which is focusing on entering the European markets.