Héctor Domínguez Saldivar
Director General
Impresora DOSA
View from the Top

Strategic Packaging for Product Positioning

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 13:26

Q: How was Impresora DOSA created and how has it evolved since its creation as a packaging company?

A: Impresora DOSA began in 1993 as a family company. At the time we decided to work with the industrial sector and we started working with the food industry and with consumer products for the home, which allowed us to gather experience in the printing industry. Later we joined the pharmaceutical industry, which now represents the majority of our clients. The pharmaceutical industry requires high-quality, specialized materials in line with strict safety protocols. Working in this sector demands a lot of experience, which represents one of our most important competitive advantages.

Q: Who are Impresora DOSA’s principal clients?

A: At the moment we mainly work with pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and pharmacies, which represents between 80-90% of our sales. Our focus on pharmaceuticals has led us to increase the quality of our products and processes. We always ensure our employees have the right qualifications and we employ highly skilled mechanical engineers and electricians from companies such as Heidelberg.

Q: On top of high quality standards, what other competitive advantage does Impresora DOSA aim to offer?

A: We treat all of our clients as though they were part of our own company. Putting ourselves in their shoes helped us detect a need among pharmaceutical companies to always include a technical specifications sheet as well as the standard packaging, which lead us to develop a complete package with of both these included. This allows our clients to launch their products into the market as soon as possible. In every contract we guarantee a fast, high quality service. Today pharmaceuticals can compare competitors easily and choose suppliers as they please. Our aim is to focus on speed of deliver and quality above cost, and so we deliver projects rapidly and reliably, and have, as a result, gained even more clients. Laboratories require strict health and safety standards from all their producers. It is not easy to enter this market since a considerable initial investment is required to buy the specialized equipment required.

Q: How have packaging requirements changed for pharmaceutical companies in the last few years?

A: Procedures have changed considerably and we have had to modify our processes to increase our sales margin. We created our own design department to offer courtesy advice to clients and we have even helped some companies create their own design areas. This initiative was principally to meet strict COFEPRIS regulations. We also developed diverse strategies to avoid what we call product contamination, which refers to incorrect shelf stocking as a result of similar packaging. To avoid such confusions we position different colored lines of different widths to facilitate differentiation. This also aids the fight against pirated products, making products distinguishable and more difficult to copy.

Q: How can your client use packaging to best position their products?

A. Product presentation is extremely important because consumers often base their final decision on the appearance of products. In our experience, an image is worth a thousand words. Our customers are aware of this and frequently decide to renew the appearance of their medicines. We give them advice on how to do so. We are capable of providing them with new packaging whenever they require it as products rely on packaging to look innovative. This can be done immediately because we have the necessary equipment to do so. As it can be adjusted to whatever format type and size, we can decide the best way of employing it to solve our customers’ needs. We ensure all deliveries are done within a 21 day timeframe maximum.

Q: What are your expansion plans and priorities for this year?

A: Our production plant is 7,000m2, which is sufficient to cover all of our clients’ needs. At the end of last year we finished the construction of a warehouse but need to continue expanding our storage space to house our two high-capacity production lines (8,000-10,000km/ h). Within the next two years we would like to join an industrial park that develops brushed steel packages and even larger labels.