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Strong 900-product Portfolio for a Connected Supply Chain

By Miriam Bello | Mon, 04/20/2020 - 17:14

Q: What differentiates Grupo CPQ from other distributors in Mexico?

A: Originally, we started as suppliers of veterinary APIs. Later on, and thanks to the acquisition of several distributions in Mexico we expanded the scope to pharmaceuticals delivery systems as nutrients and health ingredients. We currently have five national distributions from global leaders and more than 135 international partners whom we regularly audit to ensure the quality of their supplies. This allows us to have a portfolio of comprehensive solutions that amounts around 900 products in the last year.

Our primary role is to connect the supply chain, complying with Mexican regulations and at the same time strengthen our extensive storage capacity to provide fast and competitive response to our customers. We have recently opened a Personal Care Applications laboratory, which allows us to support our business partners in their formulation and performance challenges, seeking to generate new business opportunities.

Regarding human pharma business unit, we walk together with our customers on their development process, from the selection of reliable sources until the obtention of registration. International logistics and different schemes of importations add an additional dimension of complexity to our service, as most of our products come from India, China, USA as well as some European countries. We manage our own logistics up to a radius of 500 km and cover 22 states actively through a network of logistics partners throughout the country that organize the transfer of goods. For reference last year we managed 4,200 tons.

Q: How do you choose the companies you partner with?

A: Since we are focused on understanding the needs of our customers, we are looking for strong and reliable business partners, with whom we share business philosophy, market vision and who have innovative and high-quality products and technology. Our strength is in the ability to anticipate situations and calculate risks, as well as foreseen market trends.

Q: How do you choose clients?

A: We work daily so customers can allow us to be part of their projects, we consider ourselves an extension of them. We seek a similar vision and collectively explore new businesses that add value for both parties. Our goal is to be a one stop solution for customers offering a complete portfolio

Q: What new products are you planning to introduce to the market?

A: At the beginning of this year, we signed a contract with a global leader to be their specialty excipient distributor for pharmaceutical segment. In terms of other products, we must consider that Mexican pharmaceutical industry is dominated by generics and depends heavily on patents to expire in the upcoming years, so we work on making partnerships with manufacturers who can provide the documentary and technical support required to comply with Mexican regulation. On average, we attend about 750 project evaluations each year.

We will also seek to expand our Human Nutrition portfolio including a variety of natural extracts and custom formulations (Premix), as well as boost our portfolio of sustainable skin and Hair Care Bio actives, solar filters and surfactants.

Currently the industries in which we participate face different challenges, from optimization of inventories and logistics of goods to create differentiated value propositions. Our challenge, to continuously renew ourselves and innovate to constantly more efficient and specific mechanisms.


Grupo CPQ has more than 30 years of experience in the distribution of actives and excipients for pharmaceutical, animal health, pharmaceutical delivery systems, innovative ingredients focused on human nutrition, personal care, home and institutional industry. The company has distributions for Mexico of leading global companies in its sector. Its portfolio offers products and solutions, accompanied by technical and regulatory support, as well as large storage capacity.

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst