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Sustainable Chemical Ingredients to Lead the Market

By Miriam Bello | Tue, 11/10/2020 - 12:30

Q: Why is Croda the ideal provider of specialty ingredients for the healthcare sector?

A: Croda has been labeled one of the most sustainable companies globally due to the natural origin of around 65 percent of our raw materials. We have a strong sustainable chemical base and our investments today are 100 percent focused on sustainability and green chemistry.

At a global level, Croda has three core divisions: personal care; life sciences; and performance technologies and industrial chemicals. Our personal care division follows a B2B approach for the cosmetics and personal care Industry. Our life sciences division include three business units: Health Care, Crop Care & Seed Enhancement. Lastly our performance technologies and industrial chemicals division responds to the needs of diverse sectors, such as Coatings & Polymers, Polymer Additives, Home-care, Energy Technologies and Mining.

Recently, Croda defined its goals for 2030 and we are determined to become the most sustainable partner & supplier of specialty chemicals globally and to become Climate, Land & People Positive.

Our sustainable & Innovative approach has contributed positively to our growth in the last years and in this line we have decided to reinforce our investments in the Health Care Sector. In the last 2 years we have made important global acquisitions to expand our knowledge and expertise in the Excipients, Adjuvants & Lipids technologies, and our expectation in to become a very important world leader in these areas in the following years.

Q: How is Croda introducing its sustainable offer to the market?

A: To expand our green chemicals offering, Croda recently opened a plant in the US to produce green ethylene oxide, which comes from corn biomass. This is the first plant of its type in America and one of many few globally. It allows us to support a wide market range with sustainable options, one of them focused in sustainable & biodegradable surfactants, for different markets as Home care, Personal care & Crop Care.

Q: How is Croda expanding in the pharmaceutical market?

A: We want to position Croda as a strategic & key partner for drug delivery, excipients & adjuvants systems for the entire pharmaceutical market. Our expertise in the area has driven us to perfect and evolve our offering for these segments. In the last years, Croda has been focused in high-purity excipients solutions for complex pharmaceutical formulations and in the last two years we have made significant new acquisitions that has strongly complemented our portfolio. The first one, Biosector (Denmark), was an acquisition made in 2018 focused on vaccine adjuvants, and at the beginning of 2020 we acquired Avanti Lipids (USA), that is a company specialized in lipid-based drug delivery technologies. As a dynamic global company, our complete product portfolio is available in Mexico and the Americas to ensure equal access to our solutions.

Q: How representative is Mexico for the company globally and what are the strengths that Croda sees in the country?

A: Mexico is one of the priorities countries for Croda globally. This is a very interesting market that has a fructiferous synergy with the US market and economy and has a very important internal demand. Croda has built a competitive advantage with our strong local operation, supported by a local commercial team and a local supply structure. Our products are imported from our manufacturing sites from all the world (US, EU, Asia & LATAM), but our offer in Mexico is highly concentrated in products coming from our sites in the US and Brazil, that allow us to offer a high level of competitiveness.

Q: What are the company’s near-term goals?

A: Croda is a strategic worldwide partner in different markets and specially in the health care sector. We are proud to say that today we are a key partner of numerous vaccine developments happening in different parts of the world, due to the high performance & quality of our solutions. Our purpose is to use our “Smart Science to Improve Lives” and our commitment is to become the most sustainably supplier of specialized ingredients and be Climate, Land & People positive by 2030. Our strategy is strongly focused in two areas: Sustainability, building strong green solutions and encouraging our customers to do the same; and Innovation, assuring valuable & innovative technologies solutions to the market. Doing this we believe that we will have a strong contribution to our business partners, our society and to our investors.


Croda is a global provider of specialty ingredients for the beauty and personal care industry, through its brands Croda, Sederma and Crodarom. It is committed to sustainability and social responsibility

Miriam Bello Miriam Bello Journalist and Industry Analyst