Sustainable Lipid Providers for Leading COVID-19 Vaccine
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Sustainable Lipid Providers for Leading COVID-19 Vaccine

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Q: How did Croda integrate sustainability and innovation in its 2020 strategy?

A: Sustainability and innovation are reflected in our collaboration with Pfizer on the COVID-19 vaccine. Croda was the lipid supplier for this development, which was made possible through the acquisition of Avanti Polar Lipids in early 2020. With this strengthened infrastructure, Croda was able to support the No. 1 vaccine development globally, which was Pfizer’s.

Croda is also investing in its US production of green surfactants for the homecare and agribusiness markets. We are committed to reaching our company’s goal of being among the most sustainable companies by 2030 and we have made significant advances in this regard.

Q: What is Croda’s strategy to boost access to its innovative and sustainable developments?

A: In healthcare specifically, we have invested heavily in acquisitions related to human and animal vaccination support. Our technology is available in all the countries we are present, meaning that these benefits have been disseminated to all our subsidiaries, giving us the capacity to tackle large, complex projects with pharmaceutical companies wherever they are. 

Croda is also investing in its manufacturing capacity. With the historic demand for vaccines against COVID-19, our capacity has been enough to meet excipient requests. Our growth priorities are focused on expanding our production abilities.

Q: What was Croda’s experience in collaborating with the COVID-19 vaccine development?

A: This project is a clear example of Croda’s strategic intention of reinforcing our focus on the pharmaceutical sector. Our desire is to continue strengthening our complete portfolio for this division, which has garnered a very positive reception.

Croda worked closely with Pfizer and dedicated specific production plants to this development. Due to the nature of the development, lipid demand accelerated significantly. At the same time, Croda had to comply with it regular orders. The global demand for chemicals has been complex, which has required more attention to balance our regular supply with vaccine-related orders.

Q: How does Croda transmit the value of sustainability to its clients?

A: I think a fundamental step in introducing sustainability is to create the need for change. Croda is focusing on the type of clients that really want to make a difference and change their practices to have a positive impact on the environment. We work with companies that are interested in enhancing their competitiveness through sustainability. I understand that budget allocation is complex, which is why Croda focuses on creating viable solutions that meet their requirements and enhance their possibilities.

Q: What products have been propelling Croda’s demand recently?

A: In Mexico, the agribusiness sector has been resilient. This sector offers many areas of opportunity for us to take advantage of, especially in the food and beverages sector. Croda’s industrial division has also enjoyed a boost in demand for homecare supplies, particularly regarding products for sanitization. Plastics for packaging reported exponentially growth, as well. As for the self-care division, many of our products were hit by the pandemic, such as beauty products. However, hygiene products did experience increased demand. In pharma, along with the vaccine development, R&D projects drove demand. In this sector, Croda wants to become a leader in drug delivery systems and excipients for nonsolid medicines.

Q: What are Croda’s priorities for 2021?

A: Croda’s global priority is to become the most sustainable partner and supplier of specialty chemicals by 2030 and to become climate, land and people positive. We want 75 percent of our chemical industry supplies to come from green processes. In Mexico, we are strengthening our life sciences division to offer a complete service and product portfolio as soon as possible. Products from Croda’s recent acquisitions are already available in Mexico but we have more products pending release in the country.



Croda is a global provider of specialty ingredients for the beauty and personal care industry through its brands Croda, Sederma and Crodarom. It is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

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