Carlos Escalante
CEO and Founder
Pen Healthcare (Punto Pen)
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Technology As a Catalust For Optimal Performance

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 17:33

Q: Who are Pen Healthcare’s clients in the health sector?
A: In the private sector we work with pharmaceutical companies developing patient support programs (PSP) and with insurance companies in offering disease management programs and case management. For the public sector, we provide electronic health records (EHR), epidemiology platforms, health assistance by telemedicine services and communication and engagement strategies. Our most powerful tool is the PHENM (Personal Health Engagement Network Management). It is a platform we use with diabetes and hypertension patients through which we have achieved above 60 percent of patient control, thus significantly reduced complications. We achieve this through patient empowerment and treatment adherence.
Q: Pen Healthcare offers a wide array of technological solutions and services. How does the company and its products make a difference in Mexican healthcare?
A: We go beyond offering health information systems and services to clients; we offer solutions that are helping to transform the future of Mexican healthcare. The long-term goal is to create integrated healthcare networks. We work hand-in-hand with other companies and government entities to build data interoperability between all healthcare parties.