César Rodarte
Director General
View from the Top

Technology Transforming Hospital Infrastructure

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 13:27

Q: How does ARQmedyca differentiate from other architecture firms?
A: Our core business is in developing, designing, remodeling and constructing overnight stay-and ambulatory hospitals. We meet with our commercial suppliers before executing a project, working with them to ensure our plans come together. Besides the architectural component, we also help clients oversee the financial side of their investment to determine when they can expect a return on their project and to give them control over their spending.
We also have broad expertise on regulatory frameworks. Before we start a project, we guarantee that it will be approved by COFEPRIS and we help clients understand what they need to do to comply with regulations. We offer training courses pertaining to the norms and standards of the industry and certify anyone that takes them.
Q: What changes have you observed in hospitals today?
A: Rapid changes in technology are having a big impact on the health sector. Hospitals of the future will become service centers where you will see a symbiosis between humans, machines and IT. Doctors will increasingly spend their time in research and preventive healthcare as opposed to purely curative care. Robots are increasingly doing the surgical work while doctors control them through interfaces that feed them the whole picture of the patient’s status.
We are already creating special designs for operating theaters that allow for these new forms of technology and the required cabling. Remote monitoring is making distance healthcare increasingly possible, which means hospitals are going to have fewer overnight patients as they go home to rehabilitate. This is further stimulated through less invasive surgical procedures that are more accurate through better technology. In the area of artificial intelligence, we see a growing ability of smart computers to make decisions regarding treatments by simply entering the patient’s data. We have a client with a network of 300 doctors who conduct patient consults via telemedicine. Doctors can now do part of their work without ever seeing the patient.
Virtual reality experiences are also starting to prove their worth in providing patients a more pleasant experience during treatment in hospitals and at home. Through telemedicine, the doctor can see what the patient is doing allows doctors to give patients real-time instructions for their own rehabilitation. All these technological changes demand a transformation of hospital infrastructure.
Q: What is ARQmedyca’s strategy to attract new clients?
A: Most leads come from recommendations of existing clients. About 90 percent of our business remains in the private sector. We certainly see opportunities to increase cooperation with public bodies, especially considering the actions the government is taking to put IMSS, Seguro Popular and the Ministry of Health under the same roof. This is going to help increase competition in the health sector as a whole.
In terms of the technological developments happening in the health sector, I see an opportunity for the private sector to step in and fulfill projects in the public arena. This will be aided by increased public spending on health.
Q: What are your top goals for 2019?
A: Right now, we are strongly focused on increasing our level of research. We are performing research projects for patients to have a better experience and a better rehabilitation during the stay at the hospital, focusing mostly on environmental psychology.