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Transforming Healthcare in Mexico: DOC24's Approach

Pablo Utrera - DOC24
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Anmol Motwani By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 09/28/2023 - 09:07

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Q: How does DOC24's mission align with its expansion into Mexico and what has driven its significant growth?

A: DOC24's mission is to enhance healthcare access and quality. We started in Argentina in 2016, initially focusing on teleconsultation services. Recognizing the need for more convenient healthcare options and the opportunity to reduce unnecessary hospital visits, we expanded our services. Latin America faces significant healthcare challenges, with over 150 million individuals lacking access to care due to geographical or economic constraints. We believe that technology can bridge this gap and we have concentrated on developing innovative solutions.

Our market strategy involves strategic partnerships, from traditional healthcare institutions to collaborations with fintech and insurtech companies. These alliances help us extend services to underserved populations. The recent expansion into Mexico was a natural progression, driven by our robust growth. More than 60 million Mexicans continue to bear the burden of healthcare costs from their own pockets, making Mexico the second-highest country in terms of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Mexican households are shelling out an average of $5,207 pesos every quarter for healthcare, even when they have insurance coverage.

To address this problem, we provide agile and innovative digital healthcare solutions. Our digital health ecosystem covers prevention, in-home care, psychological therapy and more. We also introduced intelligent consulting rooms for diagnostics, bridging the gap between virtual and traditional healthcare.

Q:  How committed are organizations to employee healthcare and what makes DOC24's solutions stand out?

A: Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of investing in employee well-being. The pandemic underscored the significance of health, leading to a growing interest in wellness initiatives, despite varying budgets. DOC24's journey began with video consultations but has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem of digital solutions that covers the entire healthcare spectrum. Our "WeHealthy" application, designed to cultivate healthier habits and lifestyles, goes beyond traditional medical consultations. It focuses on empowering employees to lead healthier lives, translating into increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and heightened employee satisfaction.

Our intelligent consulting rooms, equipped with advanced diagnostic capabilities, bridge the gap between virtual and traditional healthcare. These rooms, including self-contained cabins for diverse settings, empower patients to manage their healthcare experiences autonomously. Our 'MultiDiagnóstica' and 'Maletín Diagnóstica' devices are designed to address healthcare requirements in office settings, guaranteeing that patients receive thorough care during teleconsultations. The selection of the appropriate solution is tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Q: What is needed to overcome the barriers that hinder the adoption of disruptive healthcare technologies?

A: To surmount these obstacles, we must navigate a transition from episodic healthcare to a more proactive, preventative approach. In Mexico, a common practice among patients has been to seek medical attention only when their health demands it, often resorting to pharmacy-based clinics for immediate remedies.

We envision a cultural shift away from this reactive healthcare model. Our strategy involves introducing wellness solutions and establishing MultiDiagnóstica stations in easily accessible locations. These stations serve as pivotal points for routine health monitoring, catering to a spectrum of healthcare needs, from cardiovascular check-ups to monitoring wounds and chronic conditions. This strategic approach optimizes the efficient use of time and enhances healthcare accessibility for individuals in diverse healthcare scenarios.

Q: How do you plan to collaborate with the public sector to enrich healthcare provision?

A: Collaboration with the public healthcare sector holds immense value. In Argentina, we actively engaged in partnerships with various municipalities to introduce comprehensive digital healthcare programs that are accessible to all residents within the region. These groundbreaking programs serve a dual purpose. First, they facilitate seamless access to healthcare professionals and specialized consultations. Second, they encourage the adoption of preventive measures through the strategic use of health data.

The core essence of this approach revolves around the centralization of healthcare services. By bringing together healthcare resources and expertise, we are effectively breaking down barriers to access and ensuring that quality healthcare is readily available to our community. This collaborative endeavor is instrumental in elevating the accessibility and overall standard of healthcare services, thereby leading to improved healthcare outcomes for our population.

Q: How has the Mexican market responded to your health ecosystem?

A: The response from the Mexican market has been overwhelmingly positive. We are in the final stages of obtaining approvals from COFEPRIS for its mass commercialization, a crucial step in our expansion in Mexico. During a recent presentation held in Mexico City, our solutions garnered not only attention but also enthusiasm among attendees from various segments of the healthcare sector.

The level of interest expressed by these stakeholders reflects a growing recognition of the value and potential impact of our offerings. This positive reception has further fueled our commitment to making substantial strides in the Mexican healthcare landscape. We are dedicated to delivering innovative healthcare solutions that contribute significantly to the well-being of individuals in Mexico. We are excited about the prospects of further collaboration and growth in this dynamic market.

Q: How is technology reshaping healthcare to increase its affordability through data-driven innovation?

A: Technology undeniably has the potential to make healthcare more cost-effective while fostering a preventative healthcare culture. It can support lifestyle changes and promote a holistic approach to patient well-being, shifting away from sporadic care. Our primary objective is to facilitate this transition, improving healthcare accessibility and comprehensiveness. In the foreseeable future, we expect an increase in patient interaction points within the healthcare system through digital tools, leading to the generation of substantial health data that can be harnessed to create novel healthcare models. AI is also poised to play a pivotal role in driving this evolution.

The digitization of healthcare aims not just to replicate existing processes in a digital format but to genuinely enhance access and healthcare outcomes. It represents a transformative shift toward a more connected and data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

Q: What innovations is DOC24 introducing in the short term?

A: DOC24 is unwaveringly committed to advancing healthcare through the implementation of our Integral Healthcare Ecosystem. Our innovative introduction of Smart Consultation Rooms stands as a crucial milestone in our mission to ensure that specialized healthcare is within reach for everyone, fostering greater equity in healthcare access.

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