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Tribunal Demands Drug Supply to Resume

By Rodrigo Brugada | Fri, 07/09/2021 - 19:17

A federal judge of the Tenth District Court of Appeals in Administrative Matters granted an extension of 10 days to the Federal Ministry of Health to guarantee the supply of medicines for children with cancer in the country's public hospitals.

The shortage of oncology medicines in the country for the last two years has led to several protests and mobilizations by parents of children with cancer. Eventually, patients' families went to the courts, where legal proceedings culminating in this ruling. As mentioned by Expansion, the federal government was ordered to guarantee the supply of medicines.

According to this past ruling, the federal court ordered the Ministry of Health to guarantee the supply of medicines for cancer in minors, regardless of whether they are expensive or whether other illnesses deserve equal or greater attention.

The Ministry of Health challenged the appeal, but the magistrates confirmed the ruling and ordered federal authorities to implement the public policies they deem necessary for the acquisition and distribution of seven specialty medications to treat cancer.

The judge determined that the term granted in the case file is extended so that, within ten days from the legal notification, authorities comply with the protective ruling following the terms indicated. According to court records, the judge's ruling also ordered the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to provide the necessary treatment to a girl who has leukemia after a Collegiate Court in Administrative Matters in Mexico City upheld the appeal granted by the court to the minor in question, as reported by El Economista.

Subsequently, INSABI assured that the supply of oncological drugs used in the treatment of different types of cancer is guaranteed. By Monday, June 28, more than 30,000 pieces of these drugs were already distributed nationwide to the IMSS, ISSSTE, SEDENA, SEMAR and CCINSHAE, as reported by Expansion. Among the medications distributed are multiple oncological drugs.

INSABI explained that the agencies that make up the health sector are currently working on redesigning the supply of medicines. This strategy includes signing agreements with international organizations to acquire medicines and supplies, such as the one signed with UNOPS in the Consolidated Purchase 2021. According to INSABI, part of this new strategy has been the search for the supply of medicines for children with cancer, for which contracts have already been signed with manufacturers in India, China, South Korea, Italy, Argentina, Cuba, France, Japan, the UK and Canada, among others.

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