Fernando De Obeso
Director General
Salud Fácil
View from the Top

A Twist on the Status Quo

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 12:30

Q: Why is Salud Fácil the ideal option for people seeking medical financing?

A: Salud Fácil was born from the idea of providing medical services to people who cannot access the private healthcare sector but could be assisted at private clinics and hospitals if they had the financing. The company collaborates with more than 250 clinics and hospitals throughout the country. Salud Fácil has no limitations when cover the financing of any treatment or surgery; the main limitation is that the patient has sufficient income to be able to face the payments resulting from the loan.

Infrastructure problems in the health system prevent it from meeting demand and the private sector is not accessible to all. The reality is that the private sector does not cater to everyone because coverage of medical expenses is very low and medical services are expensive for the majority of the population. Through our services, Salud Fácil provides greater access to healthcare in Mexico.

Q: What is the added value for the patient when contracting Salud Fácil’s services?

A: There is no cost for patients until they contract Salud Fácil. Insurance requires the payment of a constant rate but it is only used when the client has an emergency. Our services are available when the patient requires them and the return of benefits is much more immediate. When clients hire Salud Fácil, they only pay for what they need. Meanwhile, insurance companies are reducing coverage, setting limits on medical expenses due to illness and simply not covering certain ailments or treatments. At Salud Fácil, we take care of all surgery-related expenses, including consumables, medical tabulator and other expenses that may arise. Medical insurance companies work with surgical tabulators that limit the choice of doctors, while Salud Fácil gives the patient freedom to choose doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Q: How does Salud Fácil mitigate the complications of having an overdue portfolio?

A: Salud Fácil considers two factors when approving a loan: credit review and the capacity to repay. These are financial factors that today are key to accessing leasing or financing services. Salud Fácil analyzes these elements to reduce the risk associated with payment collection. The analysis of a customer’s credit history is the basis for a profitable operation and this allows us to offer greater added value to our beneficiaries.

Q: Which medical areas are seeing the most demand for financing?

A: We receive the most financing requests for gynecological and obstetric surgeries, followed by a lower proportion requiring financing for dental, aesthetic and orthopedic treatments and surgeries. The epidemiological transition now underway in Mexico is an opportunity for Salud Fácil to grow alliances and collaborations to provide more benefits.

Q: How is Salud Fácil planning to integrate more companies to its collaborators’ portfolio?

A: Salud Fácil is always looking for new alliances with clinics, hospitals and other entities to strengthen its service performance. The approach we have in Salud Fácil is aimed at finding collaborators in the private sector with medium- sized clinics and hospitals that are more than 3,000 in the country. We already have partnerships with large groups but our current goal is to focus more on small and medium clinics because they have a greater flow of patients than bigger ones.

Our collaborators and clients receive attractive benefits when they work with Salud Fácil such as an increase in their income and flow of patients. All of our leasing services have tax deductibility which helps our clients receive greater financial incentives because the burden of payment becomes considerably reduced. It becomes more cost- efficient to lease a medical device with Salud Fácil.