José Velasco
General Manager
Essity Medical Solutions Mexico
View from the Top

Underdeveloped Wound-Care Segment Offers Opportunity

Wed, 09/05/2018 - 15:01

Q: What added value differentiates BSN Medical’s products from those of the competition?

A: BSN Medical is an Essity company. It was acquired in April 2017, creating the business unit Health & Medical Solutions to empower customers, patients and caregivers with products and solutions that support healthy and active lives. We are considered world leaders in healthcaremarket specializing in our three business lines: Compression Therapy, Wound Care and Orthopedics. Our high quality and our strong technological competencies are the main differentiators of our products. The JOBST brand provides high-quality compression stockings, HYPAFIX is considered a professional dressing option and we have a wide range of slings and high-tech splints in orthopedics.

Q: What are the company’s biggest selling products in Mexico?

A: The market has a strong demand for traditional products so our biggest selling line is in wound care followed by orthopedics and compression. According to sales per unit, tape occupies first place and the compression division follows as one of the best-positioned products in that segment of the Mexican market. Our brand JOBST is a pioneer in the concept of gradient compression legwear and now we have over 30 products in our portfolio, ranging from products that promote venous blood circulation to those that treat lymphatic diseases.

Q: What role does Mexico play in Essity’s BSN Medical’s operations in Latin America?

A: BSN Medical, as the Medical Solutions segment of Essity’s Personal Care division, considers Latin America a growing region. We have a strong presence in Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Colombia is our main market in Latin America followed by Mexico, Brazil and Chile. We have been in Mexico for approximately 20 years. The country plays an important role for our operations in Latin America.

Q: What segments of the market offer an opportunity for BSN Medical's products?

A: The wound-care market is underdeveloped. We have a great opportunity to position our products, which offer great quality, and new and high-tech therapies that provide greater benefits for the patient. For example, gauze is considerably cheaper than a bandage but in the long-term gauze requires more replacements. BSN Medical's dressing maximizes the cost-benefit for the patient.

Q: What is needed in Mexico to develop an innovative market in wound care and how can BSN Medical participate in this dynamic?

A: Today, only 20 percent of the market is developed. The task of the industry is to increase market development in Mexico by 25-30 percent to improve technology and innovation in advanced therapy solutions. One of our priorities is to penetrate in the public sector channel and create awareness about the benefits of investing in wound care technologies.

Q: How do your products increase efficiency and reduce costs in the health sector?

A: Shorter hospital stays reduce costs for the medical care system and the use of technologies for wound care can lower expenses. In addition, our products offer a real solution for the patient because the benefits are greater. We are the best option for health institutions, whether public or private, because our main interest is to improve the quality of patient care.

Q: What trends is BSN Medical observing in Mexico's PAPS medical services sector and how can BSN Medical take advantage of this opportunity?

A: There is a clear digital trend in PAPS medical devices as marketing and digital media are creating synergies with e-commerce to deliver products more efficiently to the customer. Some companies already have e-commerce experience but not in the medical devices segment.