Raúl Jacobo
Health Manager
CHG-Meridian México
View from the Top

Understand the Client Before Proposing Solutions

Mon, 06/17/2019 - 16:16

Q: How does CHG-Meridian differentiate from other consulting firms in the sector?

A: CHG-Meridian is a German company focused on providing solutions in four areas: IT, car fleets, industry and healthcare. In the latter, we help to create flexible models so hospitals and other industry players have the best tools to provide added value to their clients. Besides hospitals, our clients include pharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratories. Our consulting solutions can focus on better and faster service or new technology to make processes more efficient and cost-effective.
We provide flexible models so clients can free up their resources for new investments. We also provide advice on where to allocate these resources. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with clients. We do not come in for one project to walk away with a big sum of money. Our sustained commitments have allowed us to develop know-how in state-of-the-art technology. We are helping a hospital revise its investment in a new project for oncological care. We are structuring the investment scheme, determining what tools are necessary and designing the right teams to run the projects.

Q: How does the company bring technology closer to its clients?

A: We use a digital platform called TESMA, which gives clients access to a detailed overview of the equipment in the project. The system can be accessed from anywhere and provides insight into elements from both CHG-Meridian and the client. As a result, clients can see where their assets are located geographically, where the costs are centralized and how much the company pays on equipment and buildings, among other factors. This shines a light on finances and also allows a faster resolution of problems. The system also makes it easier to produce reports. In many cases, our clients previously created reports using Microsoft Excel. This requires a lot of time and allows for less flexibility. In the health sector, we are clearly seeing an increasing overlap between medical and technical teams. Doctors will increasingly require technical knowledge of software. We know how this works and can offer solutions that support this new dynamic.

Q: How do you think consulting services will evolve in the healthcare sector?

A: There is a generalized lack of understanding of healthcare players among consulting companies. There is greater need for teams that can better analyze a client’s context and more closely match the specific client profile. Normally, a client has to adapt to what a consultant can offer according to budget. We take the opposite approach. We try to understand how the client operates, working on the assumption that most assets in a hospital should not be consuming significant resources. With the latest technology and analytics, we can help to reduce our clients’ financial burden and free up space for new investment.
Consulting companies will increasingly focus on a specific niche and we are already doing that. We are experts in remodeling the dynamic between assets and costs. Our ultimate goal is to be top of mind for CEOs and CFOs when there is a need to revisit cost structures. Given this specialized vision, we are not entirely against working with other consultants to offer an integral service to clients.

Q: What are CHG-Meridian’s main goals in healthcare for 2019?

A: We want to be an important player and point of reference in restructuring and asset financing. Our main target will be hospitals, pharmaceuticals and private laboratories. To attract them, we will need to showcase the particular vision we offer. In geographical terms, we are active in 25 countries. In the Americas we are present in Canada, the US, Mexico and Brazil and we work with companies with activities in multiple countries. In Mexico, we are working with more local companies because there are not many international players. Regarding our own suppliers, we do not work through exclusivity. If there are two vendors, the client can choose.