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By Miriam Bello | Fri, 04/23/2021 - 18:57

Q: What products are in Sefar’s R&D pipeline?

A: We cover the pharmaceutical industry. From API to final product manufacturing, Sefar has focused on providing solutions across the entire process. We have not had requests to create other products since we have a big portfolio of solutions in almost all sectors, although Sefar has the capacity to innovate and begin an R&D process to meet any demand.

In the life sciences segment, we have been adapting products to international regulatory frameworks, following GMP and FDA standards. Even for countries like Mexico, where the market has not yet asked for certain regulations, we are ready to introduce any of our developments, but regulation here responds to market needs. Although we have state-of-the-art products ready to be introduced into this market, Mexico’s regulations are not as strict as in other countries to request for such innovation. These products are highly specialized, which means they require a significant investment and demand in the country is limited. This fact influences our manufacturing in the country. Regarding the latter, we focus on a basic manufacturing and pharmaceutical-degree products for the pharmaceutical industry. We have white room infrastructure in Mexico and Clean Rooms in the US, Germany and Switzerland for more advanced production.

Q: How does the company keep up with the sector’s constant innovation?

A: We have a global team developing technological and innovative solutions for the new processes our clients introduce. As soon as we know of a global innovation in the pharmaceutical sector, we respond with a solution. Sefar has an engineering and design area working alongside the innovation area. It is also common for the company to create innovative products before the client asks for them. This is the result of our in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and industry trends. In fact, one of our flagship products for the pharma industry is fluid bed dryers, which are commonly sewn. Sefar’s innovative technologies allow for ultrasonic welded. The latter eliminates the holes made by sewing the fabric, avoiding loss of material in the process. This development has been well received around the world and we are in the process of introducing it to the Mexican market.

Q: How was Sefar’s demand impacted by COVID-19 disruptions?

A: We experienced a 30 percent spike in demand from the pharmaceutical industry, mostly of our products are for the manufacturing of antibiotics and OTC products. While this was a result of the pandemic, we are estimating that this demand will continue for the near term. Sefar will add more shifts at its manufacturing hubs to meet demand, as far as our infrastructure allows.

Q: What products or services are most in demand in the Mexican private sector?

A: Our work with the private sector focuses on filter elements for manufacturing final products within the pharma industry, such as centrifuges, fluid bed dryers, dust collection bags and many more. Sefar is open to working with the government but we understand that the investment required for our products is significant and that the government has limited research lines, which is where Sefar’s products could have a greater participation.

Q: What are your expansion plans for 2021 in the life sciences and health divisions?

A: Sefar is growing its presence in the Latin American and Caribbean markets, collaborating with new laboratories in these regions. Moreover, Sefar is implementing a digital marketing strategy to offer webinars and we will join online expos to remain visible in the global market.


Sefar produces precision fabrics, filter components, filtration and separation products, innovative fabrics for screen printing and creative architectural fabrics for lighting, acoustic and design effects.

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