Luis Lojero
Mural Med
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Using Technology to Connect a Fragmented System

Thu, 07/25/2019 - 17:46

Q: What is Mural Med’s value proposition and how can it help different actors in the health sector?
A: Mural Med’s goal is to solve the fragmentation of the health sector. We generate a variety of tools or modules that function either jointly or independently, depending on the needs of our clients. We define our complete solution as a population health manager, but clients can adopt separate modules intended for patients and doctors. The modules that interact with patients offer a web portal and a concierge chatbot with AI that provide appointment scheduling services and information regarding health services to patients.
Our clients can be any player in the health sector with large groups of patients, including insurance and pharma companies, hospital networks and private practices. Whenever a client implements one of our solutions, their patients have access to a portal or chatbot to learn about services, schedule an appointment, see their clinical information, set reminders to take their medicines or schedule a checkup.
In addition to services and scheduling management, we have a clinical module for health professionals. For this module, we have generated important alliances, such as with VIDAL Vademecum for e-prescriptions. This integration allows us to prevent prescription errors. When more than one doctor is involved in a patient’s treatment, coordination is complicated. But when everything is integrated through our solution, the system checks there are no negative drug interactions, no surpassing of the maximum dosage per adult, no counter-indications due to allergies or because of other medical conditions such as chronic kidney disease. The system creates an alert to prevent any problem a prescription might generate considering the patient’s profile or any type of medication they might be taking.
Q: How can Mural Med’s system promote better collaboration between health providers and other industry players?
A: Usually, our clients experience problems accessing information efficiently regarding everything that happens to their patients. It is a complex problem because most clients do not offer an integral health service. This complicates the centralization of information. However, that is what we strive to do. With our modules, each player has its own tool for interaction. When we integrate all the data, we not only optimize and make the operation more efficient but also improve other aspects like patient satisfaction, problem visibility and availability of information for prevention and early detection. Each health service provider, with the patient’s consent, can choose to share certain information to make processes faster and efficient. Patients themselves can access their clinical medical record and information and share it with other players in their treatment and health journey.
Q: Who are the most common clients that Mural Med works with?
A: Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies that manufacture patented medicines have the largest patient groups and the most complex patient management problems. These are entities that are willing to pay since our offering has a very clear impact. The next group of clients includes specialized clinics that want to have a competitive operational advantage over other players. The third group includes hospitals or networks of private practitioners. For this group, we have yet to find the best possible incentives. It is a more complicated group but we believe they will gradually have to increase their efficiency and transparency, so we expect them to also become an important client segment.
We are piloting a product with doctors in private practices. The solution we are proposing for them is a clinical file with management tools that is independent and private but that allows them to share the information with other players in the sector. With this, we can start automating processes throughout the health value chain, for instance, with payment authorizations from insurance companies. With Mural Med, doctors can send their medical report to an insurance company.