Rubén Flores
Director General
Ópticas de Máxima Visión
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Visual Health an Overlooked Factor in Productivity

Thu, 03/07/2019 - 12:24

Q: How does poor visual health affect businesses and how can you help them address this problem?
A: The World Economic Forum stated that vision problems must be considered a matter of public health and that 80 percent of all visual problems can be solved with glasses. For instance, some individuals spend their office hours nursing a headache caused by poor vision, which decreases overall productivity.
We work directly with the HR and medical departments of companies. We offer tests for their employees at no cost and with no commitment to buy. However, we provide a clinical file to the company’s management, which the company doctor can use to incentivize employees to buy glasses if they need them for their position.
Q: How is Ópticas de Máxima Visión's business model innovating optical stores?
A: Our business model targets other companies. We are an optician for businesses that provides the exact same benefits as others opticians, albeit with a free door-to-door delivery service. In our visits to clients, we bring every necessary tool and even sample glasses to the client for them to choose from. Moreover, we finance the acquisition of our products at no added cost.