This Week in Health: Accessibility, Tech, and Cannabis
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This Week in Health: Accessibility, Tech, and Cannabis

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Anmol Motwani By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/16/2023 - 14:34

An Ipsos study reveals a significant gap between mental health awareness and accessibility, and HealthTech considers the revolutionary potential of quantum computing in Healthcare. The legalization of cannabis-derived products in Mexico underscores the nuanced dynamics of policy, awareness, and healthcare development since its acknowledgment in 2017. Additionally, there is an urgent need for a shift in global healthcare systems, and the crucial move towards preventive healthcare stands out as a central theme in shaping the future landscape of well-being.

This week in Health: 


Mental Health Disparities: Mexico’s Struggle to Bridge the Gap

An Ipsos survey conducted for World Mental Health Day reveals a substantial gap between mental health awareness and accessibility in Mexico. While 65% of respondents are mindful of their mental health, only 22% believe mental and physical health receive equitable treatment in Mexico's healthcare system. This highlights a significant limitation in mental health care accessibility for a considerable part of the population. Despite surpassing the global average in awareness, Mexico falls below the international standard for perceived equality in mental health treatment. 

Executive Perspective

The Future of Health: Exploring Quantum Computing in HealthTech

Quantum computing is revolutionizing healthcare by harnessing the power of quantum superposition, enabling lightning-fast and precise calculations. Despite being in its early stages, quantum computing has demonstrated its potential in various healthcare applications, from drug discovery to personalized treatment. While facing challenges like technical hurdles and ethical concerns, the technology holds immense promise to transform medical research and enhance healthcare, says Jesus Hernandez, President, Healthtech Medical Association. 

Mexico's Role in the Future of the Cannabis Industry

Despite Mexico acknowledging legal access to cannabis-derived products in 2017, the introduction of rigorous regulations in 2021 has posed challenges that only benefit the multinational pharmaceutical companies. Mayela Benavides, President of Fundación Por Grace, HempMeds, emphasizes, the main focus is to increase awareness among scientists, health professionals, and families about the benefits of cannabis derivatives, regardless of political and economic challenges.

The Global Imperative of Shifting Focus to Preventive Healthcare

Conventional healthcare systems have typically addressed illnesses reactively rather than proactively preventing them. Arturo de la Rosa emphasizes the necessity for a fundamental transition towards prioritizing preventive healthcare, underscoring substantial benefits for individuals, society, and the healthcare industry. Preventive care offers advantages such as cost-effectiveness, improved quality of life, diminished pressure on healthcare systems, extended productivity, and the amelioration of health disparities.

Unlocking Vitality: The Role of Supplements in Daily Well-Being

The demands of modern life, characterized by fast food, heightened stress, and environmental toxins, often result in a nutritional deficit that is challenging to overcome through diet alone. Consequently, the role of supplements in our daily lives has never been more critical, contends Gustavo Rodríguez, CEO and Founder, nutriADN.“Supplements have emerged as a convenient and effective solution to address this modern nutrient gap, offering a diverse range of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds.” 


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Photo by:   kirill_makes_pics, Pixabay

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