What are some Protective Measures for Skin Care?

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 13:45

Prevention is the key to good health but action usually derives from awareness. Today, a greater percentage of the population is cognizant of the dangers posed by headline-grabbing conditions such as cardiovascular, diabetes and obesity. There is much less mindfulness regarding the impact and subsequent consequences of environment on the skin from a daily onslaught of pollution, sun and dirt from the outside and poor nutritional habits from the inside. Mexico Health Review asked relevant players in the dermatology industry about the level of awareness of the general population of their dermatological care needs.

Adriana Azuarza

Adriana Azuarza

All4Spas and Agave Spa

People need to protect their skin against pollution, even indoors, where it can sometimes be more polluted because people are crowded into a room or work long hours under artificial lighting. These are factors that produce free-radicals that damage and destroy the skin. It is necessary to use anti-oxidants to protect the skin against this, and also to protect against wrinkles and acne. We have discovered that the blue agave plant is replete with active ingredients that are good for the skin and hair. It contains a powerful antioxidant and a moisturizer and stimulates the collagen in skin. The latest research shows that there is a fungus on blue agave leaves that has the same properties as hyaluronic acid. It is a powerful plant.

Ricardo Spindola

Ricardo Spíndola

Director General

The market has grown significantly and people are taking more care of themselves as the economy grows. Twenty years ago, teenagers with acne dealt with it by using soap. Now, they go to a physician and then a dermatologist, who also looks at the accompanying parent and might point out un-diagnosed diseases such as rosacea, dark spots or adult acne. Innovations in dermatology mean treatments no longer irritate so much while the combination of ingredients provides better treatment. We have an acne product, for example, that combines an antibiotic and a retinoid. The latter helps the skin regenerate while the antibiotic fights the infection. The general derma market grows on average 5-7 percent per year.

Miguel Marin

Miguel Marín

Industrias Sintoquim

I think skincare is more a theme of vanity than health. People want to stay young. As a result, skincare is much more about avoiding wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, cellulitis and stretch marks because these are the issues that people worry about. Sun care is not growing at the pace it should but it is improving. People now use sun block but they still have the idea that this should be done only at the beach; we need to get into the habit of doing this every day. The cosmetics industry is one of the most dynamic because it follows fashions and the color of the year, the ingredient of the year, or the new claims that arise. Some concepts that were previously unheard of are now fundamental. Consumers are increasingly informed and aware of the ingredients in their products and the benefits.