Juan Galindo
Medical Director
Christus Muguerza Sistema de Salud
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When Generosity Growth Go Hand-In-Hand

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 13:02

Q: How does Grupo Christus Muguerza di er from other hospital groups?

A: We are the only healthcare system to operate in Mexico as a nonprofit organization, although fiscally we still pay taxes because we are a large group. However, no partner takes any of the profit for themselves and profit is entirely reinvested in infrastructure and community service.

Reaching those most in need is fundamental in our day-to- day. Christus Muguerza works with Operation Smile and has already operated on around 500 children with cleft lips free of charge. In 2016, Hospital Alta Especialidad operated on 12 children with congenital heart disease. These patients reach our hospital through the charity Cardio Chavitos. A North- American pediatric cardiology hospital helps us with the equipment and teams are mixed Mexican-American.

Hospital Conchita in Monterrey is about to start a program in laparoscopic gynecology surgery for women with gynecological problems. There will be four groups of around 16 patients. This program does not only help people in need, it also enables the head gynecologist to teach others how to operate laparoscopically. Also, Hospital Del Parque, in Chihuahua, has five years of experience providing free spinal surgery for children with scoliosis or deformities.

Q: How has the hospital’s nursing program developed?

A: Christus Muguerza is involved in two nursing programs: one with UDEM and one with the University of Chihuahua as part of its community service program. The nursing school has grown in recent years and now has around 600 students, whereas in previous years it saw averages of 120- 140. UDEM contributes to the program with its academic value. It has long been a partner of ours as it used to own the Clínica Conchita before we acquired it. We also send bachelor’s and master’s students to train in the US. We understand that not all the students will return to work at one of Christus Muguerza’s hospitals but that does not matter. Nursing is rewarded unfairly in Mexico because a company has to take charge of hiring, taxes and insurance, and is thus not able to o er the same benefits as the public sector. IMSS, however, o ers nurses three months’ holiday per year and a two-month salary bonus at the end of the year. This creates unequal working conditions. Some choose to stay at Christus Muguerza because of our work ethic.

There are also 158 postgraduate residents studying a specialty in our hospitals. This costs the group MX$50 million (US$2.7 million) annually and it bears the full cost. Although the government pays for medical residencies throughout the country, private hospitals receive no subsidiary.

Q: What steps is Grupo Christus Muguerza taking to expand its reach and what are its priority areas?

A: Surgical centers are moving away from hospitals, often due to costs. We have acquired an ambulatory center in San Luis Potosi and there is a center being remodeled in Irapuato that will begin operating as a Christus Muguerza surgical ambulatory center in August 2017. One of the largest primary-care centers in Monterrey will also become a surgical ambulatory center and will most likely open in 2018.

In September 2017, we will begin constructing a fifth hospital in Monterrey, It will be the first hospital in Mexico to follow a lean design, built with Perkins & Will. We created an initial design and the firm is now drawing up architectural plans based on our needs. I want it to be the first sustainable hospital, with a water treatment plant, energy sourced from solar panels and we are evaluating whether to integrate oxygen processing, a common practice in France and Canada.

In the next six months, we will begin performing complete transplants in Hospital Alta Especialidad, the largest hospital in our system. We will begin transplanting pancreases, for which so far in Mexico there have only been isolated e orts. This will be in partnership with the Northwestern University Hospital in the US.