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Working For Better Biomedical Training, Maintenance Services

Jorge Gabriel García - Biomédica de México
General Director


Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 10/13/2020 - 09:47

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Q: How does Biomédica de México promote its services for medical devices and medical staff?

A: We are mostly focused on the area of artificial cardiac stimulation with implantable medical devices and solutions. We try to involve medical professionals when developing our solutions to be aware of their needs and be a trusted partner. We have 40 years of experience in medical device maintenance and around 25 years working on cardiac stimulation devices.

Biomédica de México is based in Tijuana. We work with medical societies to share our expertise and knowledge and we promote our products through our training services, which has helped us grow our client base. Our strong collaboration with doctors has allowed us to offer quality training services that target their specific needs and at the same time promote our services and devices.

We work with both the public and private sectors and we are also involved in many communitarian projects with schools and municipalities, working together on the development of public defibrillation areas and CPR training. Because of this, much of the training we offer is geared toward supporting these institutions to promote preventive and cardiac health.

Q: How do you choose the products you represent and the companies you ally with?

A: Many of the devices we offer are intended for emergency rooms and ambulances, which is why our biomedical engineers base their criteria on the technological base of the device.

From our daily services and training, we learn which tools doctors require. We accompany doctors from the acquisition of the device to the actual surgical procedure. We then conduct an analysis of the procedure to come up with better solutions and technological tools for their practice.

These two factors are fundamental to our process when we start looking for a provider for the next products we will commercialize. When we decide on a product, we make sure it complies with all quality requirements, service center, spare parts, trainings and certificates. We distribute products from companies like Medtronic, Stryker and Cardinal Health.

Our approach allows us to create a bond with the medical team and really be a part of their process. As biomedical engineers, this is valuable because we mostly operate in the background. Getting to be an active part of the process is fulfilling and it helps us increase our abilities and knowledge. 

Q: How did COVID-19 impact your company and what was your reaction to the pandemic?

A: We have experienced an increase in demand for our services in the respiratory area. We have been supporting hospitals and their ICU areas, checking on their equipment to make sure it is working at 100 percent. We have tackled disinfection, quality control, maintenance, training of medical staff and support regarding device performance.

Q: How do you expect USMCA to impact the medical devices sector?

A: One of the advantages from USMCA and the former NAFTA is that we import duty free products, which has been very important for the economic development of the whole border region. Our geopolitical position and these agreements have allowed us to also dabble into the market of used devices. Importing a used device from the US is much cheaper and it has become a common practice among doctors. Of course, our service for these devices is limited and depends on the equipment and its spare parts but this has been an interesting niche and a fruitful market opportunity.

Tijuana is a strong medical tourism hub and we have taken advantage of these activities, as well. Biomédica de México makes sure to cover maintenance and training services, while complying with FDA and COFEPRIS requirements.

Q: What are Biomédica de México near-term goals?

A: We want to remain a sustainable company. Right now, we are seeing high demand for certain products required to face the pandemic. However, when the sanitary crisis is over, medical facilities will have enough stock for the coming years. The company is more focused on the cardiac area to balance our demand in the long run. Additionally, our focus on emergency procedures will support us because there are always medical emergencies.


Biomédica de México was founded in 1986 to provide biomedical engineering services in the Baja California region. The company offers medical technology support services, as well as commercialization of equipment produced by leading companies in the medical industry

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