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AIFA to have Two Overpasses Built by GAMI

By Lorenzo Núñez | Fri, 05/21/2021 - 12:14

The new Felipe Angeles Airport will have two overpasses that will connect automobile traffic on the Tonanitla highway with the AIFA. Construction work is expected to be supervised by construction company GAMI, subsidiary of Grupo Indi. The company will have a US$63 million budget and 230 working days to finish the project.

Grupo Indi won the competitive bidding where more than 40 companies competed. GAMI is also in charge of other important infrastructure projects in the country, such as the Mayan Train, where the company will participate in the construction of the 3rd section of the project. The company is also planning to build the Vasco de Quiroga station of the Mexico-Toluca Train, which was added by the current administration. In addition, with a budget of US$201 million, the company is building the breakwater at the port of Salina Cruz.


Multiple Federal Projects Under the Same Companies

In many federal infrastructure projects, it is common to have the same company oversee other federal infrastructure projects. This has been a point of controversy because certain companies are on the spotlight for not providing proper maintenance to federal infrastructure projects. An example of this is the metro collapsed Line 12 on May 3. 

Line 12 was built by the consortium Carso, Alstom, and Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA). The consortium is also in charge of the construction of the Mayan Train and the Dos Bocas Refinery. ICA had previously informed that Line 12 had problems with the rails due to their incompatibility with the trains. Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF Mexico) reported the rails were designed under the supervision of Mexico City Metro authorities and met all qualifications, as previously reported by MBN. The controversy around the tragedy does not end there. The collapsed line had been monitored and tracked from Sep. 13 to Dec. 19, 2019. The company in charge of the inspection was Ingeniería, Servicios y Sistemas Aplicados (ISSA), the same company that received a US$250 thousand payment from SCT for those services. Florencia Serranía Soto, Director of the Mexico City metro, assures that during the 2019 review there were no worrying claims.

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Lorenzo Núñez Lorenzo Núñez Junior Journalist & Industry Analyst