AMLO to Meet with US-Based Transisthmic Corridor Investors
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AMLO to Meet with US-Based Transisthmic Corridor Investors

Photo by:   Presidencia
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Wed, 04/20/2022 - 18:21

President López Obrador has scheduled a meeting on Friday with prominent but as of yet undisclosed members of the North American business community to attract investment to the Transisthmic Corridor, one of his government’s flagship infrastructure projects, according to a report from El Financiero. The meeting will take place at the Veracruz Port as part of the president’s tour of Veracruz, scheduled to begin this Thursday. 

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Tulum’s New Airport Begins Construction

The construction of the Tulum airport has begun, along with sections 6 and 7 of the Mayan Train. Like the construction and operation of the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), the military will also oversee this infrastructure project. The new airport is part of a plan to equip the ‘Mayan Riviera’ with better tourism infrastructure, following the Mayan Train’s example. "It will be a high-quality international airport, just like AIFA," said President López Obrador. The airport will be built very close to Tulum, in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, where the government acquired 1,200 ha from ejidatarios toward the construction of the new airport.

Salina Cruz Breakwater Project Over 50 Percent Completed

In a press conference after two months of an electoral ban on government information that could be seen as propaganda, President López Obrador announced the progress regarding his major projects. Advancements of key works at the Salina Cruz port, such as a new breakwater, were also part of the announcement. According to the president, the construction of a breakwater is taking place at the Salina Cruz Port, as part of the Inter-oceanic Corridor of the Tehuantepec Isthmus’ development. The project has a length of 1.6km, a width of 12m that expands gradually to the base. It is approximately 23m high and has a bearing surface capacity of over 4m above the sea level.

Industry Ready for Tamaulipas’ Infrastructure Challenges: CMIC

Gerado Holguín, recently elected President for the Tamaulipas district of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC), said that the local sector is ready to face the challenges of creating infrastructure for the state during his appointment ceremony. In the past year, many local infrastructure contracts were handed to non-CMIC members. The ceremony took place at Expo Tampico, where Holguín said that he asked the federal, state, and municipal authorities to develop public projects through CMIC members and not via “outsiders”.

Mexico City to Receive Millions for Interurban Train Construction

The federal government signed an agreement with Mexico City’s authorities to reallocate over US$47 million, with the aim to facilitate the city’s development of the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train construction project. The operation was carried out through the federal Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Transportation (SICT). Mexico City’s Ministry of Administration and Finance (SAF) will manage the resources and gather project documentation, as well as establish reports regarding accountability and audits.

Photo by:   Presidencia

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