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Anáhuac Organización Constructura Sees Growth in Construction

By Peter Appleby | Thu, 12/17/2020 - 12:17

Q: How did Anáhuac Organización Constructura adapt during the downturn in Mexico’s construction industry to prepare itself for success in the post-pandemic world.

A: Anáhuac is a company that is programmed for high quality, fast, and accurate construction, that is our business, and our team is assembled by very professional people that has been part of the company since long ago.  During the downturn we did what we love to do, planning.  The objective was to start constructing on day one after the authorization to resume economic activities by the government. 

By the end of the country’s economic suspension, not only our team had already designed construction protocols to prevent contagion in our projects, but also, we had had purchased the proper equipment and materials to install those protocols because we knew that we would face an overdemand of related products. We were not wrong.  I am proud to say that if we have experienced a low rate of contagion in our construction sites, it is because of our team’s efforts.

We aimed to recover the negative financial effects due to the pandemic with an excess in construction volumes, knowing that it would also be what our clients expect from us.  We were able to deliver, and in some projects, we have recovered most of those time losses.


Q: How does the company view the growth of construction in Mexico at the moment?

A: The situation is a little strange at present because the market in which Anáhuac works is not contracting but rather, it is expanding. This is particularly true in major urban centers like Monterrey or Mexico City because private investment in construction is increasing. The reasons are numerous. Among them is the low bank investment rate that is pushing investors to invest in appealing industries like construction. Construction has always been a safe investment destination.


Q: Where is Anáhuac Organización Constructura seeing the most activity?

A: There is a geographic element to the construction market’s behavior at the moment. In Monterrey, there is an oversupply of commercial and office developments. The consequence of this oversupply is that we will see a focus on residential and vertical construction around the city as well as industrial development. In contrast, we see many commercial developments taking place in Mexico City. In medium-sized cities like Saltillo, Hermosillo and other hubs that have around 1 million people, there is also a switch toward vertical developments instead of expanding the city horizontally. In Monterrey, there is a new policy in place called Transport-Oriented Development, which enables the investors of a project and its developers to build as high as they can. There is no limit to the height of the building if the project is within 500 meters of a metro station. This has spurred these types of developments and now there are millions of square feet under construction, or there will be beginning in the next few years in areas around Monterrey.

There is a great deal of benefit to be found in this because it ensures that there is sufficient infrastructure around new constructions for people to live in. There are many existing neighborhoods around Monterrey that are extremely far away from the city center and completely lack the most important services, including public transport, potable water, sewage services, trash collection services and the like. Now, the city will develop from the center out in a more ordered manner.


Q: How does the company approach a new project and what role does it prefer to play?

A: We work in different ways when taking on projects. Our preferred role is as a general contractor, where the investor shares the project with us, and we solve everything that has to be solved in order to take the investor’s project to market. We also work as a subcontractor, where we are hired to work on specific pieces of the project.

Clients and partners come to us because they know we will finish their project according to their specifications. We have been in the market for 48 years and virtually every year have been successful. We are extremely oriented toward providing a solid client the best service we can, and our clients appreciate this. The brand itself is profitable within the construction market and adds value to projects, hence working with us provides advantages outside of the service we provide. Construction projects contain many variables that are hard to foresee and resolve in a timely manner. That is why a team of highly-trained and experienced people is needed. This is what Anáhuac Organización Constructura offers. Our administrative systems have been fine-tuned over time – we call it the Anáhuac System – and we are constantly investing in training our employees.

QCD – Quality, Cost and Delivery – is a common phrase in manufacturing. In Anáhuac´s case I would add an H – Human. This is really what differs us from other construction companies. Our equipment or software are often the same as our competitors but our team is not. At the moment, Anáhuac Organización Constructura employs over 2,000 people.


Q: What standout projects best reflect the company’s qualities?

A: One of the most recent projects we have worked on is the Auriga development in San Pedro Garza Garcia in Monterrey. It is a hotel development for the Presidente InterContinental brand, an office building and shopping complex all in one. It is a 1´600,000 ft2 development constructed in a 12-month lapse.

In Mexico City, we just finished an important project called The Summit, located in Santa Fe, in which we were hired by Beck Group International, clients of one of the most important development companies in Mexico, FREL. We also finished ARBOLEDA for ODG, One Development Group, a building for Tec de Monterrey and the Metropolitan Center development in San Pedro Garza Garcia, among others.



Anáhuac Organización Constructura is a leading Mexican construction company with almost 50 years in business. It constructs exclusively in the private sector.

Peter Appleby Peter Appleby Journalist and Industry Analyst