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ASA Network Announces 38.3 Percent Growth

By Emilio Aristegui | Thu, 07/14/2022 - 10:53

Mexico’s Network of Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA), which consists of 19 airports around the country, continues to report passenger growth following a major recovery during 2021. The airport network reported a steep growth of 38.3 percent between January and June 2022.

“In 1H22, in the air terminals that make up the Network of Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA) served 1.81 million passengers, 38.3 percent more compared to the 1.31 million users during the same period of 2021,” reported the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) via a press release.

The increase in passengers benefitted 16 of ASA’s 19 airports. Nuevo Laredo grew by 96.1 percent, Chetumal by 66.1 percent, Loretto by 58 percent, Puebla by 47.1 percent, Puerto Escondido by 45.4 percent, Campeche by 40 percent, Ciudad Obregon by 37.5 percent, Colima by 27.3 percent, Tepic by 26.6 percent, Ciudad Victoria by 17.6 percent, Ciudad del Carmen by 13.4 percent, Tehuacan by 12.9 percent, Tamuin by 8.9 percent, Uruapan by 6.4 percent, Guaymas by 6.3 percent and Matamoros by 2 percent.

The data also showed that the 19 airports performed 65,515 air operations, which represents a 7.1 percent growth in comparison to the 61,189 operations that took place in 1H21. The terminals that registered the highest growth in operations were: Tamuin, Puebla, Puerto Escondido, Chetumal, Tehuacan, Loreto, Poza Rica, Colima, Tepic and Ciudad del Carmen.

In terms of cargo movement, ASA transported 5.83 million kilograms during that period, which represents a 270.6 percent increase year over year. The airports that reported the highest growth in cargo traffic were: Puebla with an increase of 389.6 percent, Colima with 46.1 percent, Campeche with 39.4 percent, Puerto Escondido with 29.8 percent, Ciudad del Carmen with 16.2 percent, Matamoros with 6.8 percent and Ciudad Obregon with 3.1 percent.

During 2021, the ASA’s total passengers increased by 54.1 percent over 2020, reaching a total of 2.91 million. The aviation industry suffered from many COVID-19 repercussions and is expected to recover in three to four years, as reported by MBN.

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