Manuel Torres

The Aspirational Segment and The ‘Wow’ Effect

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 12:04

For an architect, good design is good business. But good design is no accident; it is based on a thorough understanding of the target market, says Manuel Torres, CEO of MANUEL TORRES DESIGN. When venturing into Mexico in 2011, the Spanish firm that traditionally worked in the luxury segment saw an opportunity in the aspirational segment – a burgeoning middle class with a desire to buy brand name apartments. “We offer high-quality and high-class projects, while keeping costs low,” he says. “We want to provide the ‘wow’ effect.”
The firm has several projects in progress, some vertical and others horizontal. The Polárea Residences in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City, are an emblematic example of MANUEL TORRES DESIGN’s work in verticalization, achieving a significant demographic densification. “We carried out all the interior design, from apartments, amenities and the landscape of Phases 3 to 8 of the project. We gave it a shift, enhancing its resource management while boosting its sales,” Torres says. He adds that Polárea is being developed by Grupo Lar, a frequent partner for MANUEL TORRES DESIGN, notably on the LÓPEZ COTILLA projects in the city of Guadalajara, TIVE in Bosque Real, REVA in Zona Esmeralda and MARSALA in Santa Fe, all in Mexico City.
MANUEL TORRES DESIGN also carries out projects in retail, such as the GRUPO TENERIFE showroom on Polanco’s Masaryk Avenue in Mexico City, high-impact boutique hotels and large corporate projects. The firm carries out custom projects in residential villas and mixed-use projects such as TSAYA, which has a commercial plaza and vertical housing. “We will soon complete the FRACTAL Residence in Queretaro and some hotels and residential projects in Mexico City.”