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Attorney General’s Office to Investigate Metro’s Line 2 Explosion

By Fernando Mares | Fri, 07/08/2022 - 14:05

On July 4, Mexico City Metro Line 2 suffered a short circuit between the Xola and Villa de Cortez stations, which stopped the service affecting several users. The short circuit comes amid a series of speculations regarding the lack of maintenance to the system and Line 12’s scandal. 

According to early reports, the short circuit occurred at one of the power substations located between the Xola and Villa de Cortez stations. It caused an explosion that was videotaped by both metro users and car drivers in Tlalpan avenue. Metro staff suspended service throughout the entire line that goes from Cuatro Caminos to Taxqueña, evacuated users and launched interim transportation using the Passenger Transportation Network System (RTP). This was insufficient, nonetheless, which led local police officers to offer their assistance. 

Opposition leaders criticized the lack of maintenance works to the metro system under Claudia Sheinbaum’s administration. They accused Sheinbaum of focusing on running an electoral campaign instead of giving the Metro adequate attention and maintenance, which could cause fatal accidents. They also referred to recent similar incidents, like Line 9’s short circuit of July 2022 and the Line 12 collapse. 

“Once again, another explosion in the Metro and once again another service suspension. Lack of maintenance and the mayor’s uninterest, who is busy traveling in a permanent campaign, have consequences and could cost more lives,” said Luis Cházaro, Coordinator, PRD. 

Regarding recent criticism, Sheinbaum stated that opposition leaders should focus on their work and start to be productive. Sheinbaum announced that in the coming days she will inspect all the system’s lines, starting with Line 2. In addition, she instructed the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the incident but she did not rule out a possible sabotage. “I have already instructed the Attorney General’s Office. It is protocol, but we really want a full investigation to know if there was some negligence, a problem or even something else. Someone may have put something there on purpose,” Sheinbaum said. 

In an interview with Radio Formula, Fernando Espino, Leader, Workers’ Union of the Collective Transportation System Metro (STSTC), rejected the sabotage accusations. Espino said the incident was caused by a provisional repair on a wire that was never treated by the previous administration and over time the isolation material deteriorated and produced a ground fault. He added that since it is a technical issue, metro workers are displeased with Sheinbaum’s mistrust. 

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