AWS Presents Telco Network Builder for Automation, Deployment
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AWS Presents Telco Network Builder for Automation, Deployment

Photo by:   Image by Lucent_Designs_dinoson20 from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/28/2023 - 13:36

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its newest AWS Telco Network Builder, which aims to increase efficiency for network building, while supporting communications service providers (CSP) investing in more innovative new experiences. 

AWS Telco Network Builder is a fully managed service that helps customers deploy, run and scale telco networks in the US East, Asia Pacific and the EU. Through this tool, CSPs will be able to describe their connection points, networking requirements, computing needs and geographical distribution via their familiar telecom industry standard language. 

“Groundbreaking in the value it provides to the telecom industry, AWS Telco Network Builder removes the burden of translating a customer's desired telco network into a cloud architecture, empowering them to easily modernize and quickly scale to meet demand while freeing time and capital to build new offerings, expand coverage and refocus on invention,” says Jan Hofmeyr, vice president, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

AWS Telco Network Builder translates a template uploaded to the service into a cloud-based network architecture, providing the necessary AWS infrastructure. The process will shorten the deployment of an operational, cloud-configured telco network from days to hours, according to an AWS press release. 

The Telco Network Builder automatically adjusts computer and storage resources while customers update their networks. AWS explained that by using these services, CSPs will be able to focus on business operations and new services. AWS Telco Network Builder provides a centralized dashboard that monitors and manages networks running on AWS infrastructure or in AWS Regions. AWS highlighted that no upfront commitments or fees are required to obtain the AWS Telco Network Builder, as customers only pay for AWS, as described on the company’s website. 

By using this tool, CSPs could take full advantage of the cloud's performance, elasticity and scale to build modern telco networks. These networks can support smart cities, autonomous vehicles and robotics, among many others. But designing and scaling a telco network in the cloud can be a laborious, time-intensive process as it includes deploying and securing hundreds of specialized network functions (NFs) in routers and firewalls for dozens of vendors at thousands of locations. Building and running the network requires skilled network architects, explained AWS. The objective of the Telco Network Provider is to support CSPs so they can focus on innovating new experiences instead of doing the “heavy lifting” of the network. 

“The telecom industry is undergoing a transformation as CSPs navigate building their telco networks in the cloud. Some of the biggest challenges CSPs face as they look to migrate include manually configuring and then managing these complex networks, which impedes growth and stifles innovation,” says Hofmeyr.

In Mexico, cloud computing demand has grown. To meet it, AWS plans to build a new Local Zone (LZ) in Queretaro, allowing the company to expand its network and provide high availability and infrastructure for cloud users. Mexican companies and government institutions are increasingly adopting public cloud services, which continue growing, as reported by MBN. 

Photo by:   Image by Lucent_Designs_dinoson20 from Pixabay

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