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Baja California Government Takes Over Highway

By Pedro Alcalá | Thu, 07/09/2020 - 17:03

A press release from SCT details an incident that took place last Tuesday near the Baja California border city of Tijuana. Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez made an appearance at a highway tollbooth accompanied by state attorney Guillermo Ruíz Hernández to announce that his government would be publishing a decree that afternoon declaring the Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito segment of the Tijuana-Ensenada highway to be property of the state government of Baja California, as opposed to federal highway operators such as SCT and CAPUFE. 

SCT states that this action is illegal and unconstitutional given the executive concession granted to SCT and CAPUFE over the operation of highways such as this one. The release announces that legal proceedings to reclaim this highway segment and its toll booths will be forthcoming.   

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FONATUR And INAH Sign Preservation Agreement

Excelsior reports that FONATUR has signed a collaboration agreement today with INAH to insure the rescue and preservation of all archeological remains encountered on the Mayan Train route. This will concretely take place over a one-year campaign of excavations that will begin on August 14. INAH calculates that the complete Mayan Train route will cross a total of 3,024 known archeological sites in its tour through five states.  

This agreement is considered the continuation of an agreement signed between these two institutions in June 2019, which launched a campaign of jungle floor mapping using drone flights. Given the high rate of new discoveries in Mayan archeology, it is reasonable to expect that the studies could unearth unexpected treasures of this ancient civilization. 

Mexico and Florida Ports Hold USMCA Meeting 

As USMCA continues its implementation, more institutions on both side of the US-Mexico border are eager to find new paths of cooperation enabled by this new regulatory landscape. In this spirit, an SCT press release details the first meeting of the Mexico-Florida Port Work Group this week. This meeting sought to draw up new strategies for cooperation and economic growth in the Gulf of Mexico by networking SCT port officials with prominent business leaders within the state of Florida’s port infrastructure. These leaders included Doug Wheeler, President & CEO of the Florida Port Council.  

SCT Sells NAIM Steel

An SCT press release details the decision to give a contract to Grupo Gilbert Estructuras en Acero, selected among 13 offers, for the purchase of steel from the cancelled NAIM. The contract also makes this company responsible for the cleanup of the worksite and the removal of heavy machinery. 

SEDATU To Provide Assistance to Santa Lucia Neighbors

According to a report from Excelsior, SEDATU will be distributing over US$8 million in economic assistance to the populations of the three municipalities neighboring the new Santa Lucia airport: Nextlalpan, Jaltenco y Tonanitla. Individuals and families will receive between US$1,500 and US$4,000 each to refurbish their homes.

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SCT, Excelsior
Pedro Alcalá Pedro Alcalá Senior Journalist & Industry Analyst