Cablebus Lines 1 and 2 to Begin Operating in July
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Cablebus Lines 1 and 2 to Begin Operating in July

Photo by:   MBN
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Lorenzo Núñez By Lorenzo Núñez | Livestream Producer - Mon, 07/05/2021 - 10:25

Mexico City’s Mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum has confirmed that both of Cablebus’s lines will begin operations in July.  Line 1, which stretches from Cuautepec to Indios Verdes is set to begin operations on July 11, while Line 2 which travels from Constitución de 1917 to Santa María, will begin operations on the 27th.  

"The two Cablebus´ lines will be inaugurated this July; we also want to inform you about the progress of this new form of mobility in Mexico City,”  said Sheinbaum in a morning press conference. In addition, the mayor mentioned that works on Lines 1 and 2 are 99 and 98 percent complete, respectively; she also informed that safety tests will be completed within the next few days.

Jesús Esteva Medina, Secretary of Works and Services (SOBSE) said that Line 1 of the Indios Verdes-Cuautepec consists of 52 thousand square meters of construction area. It will run 9.2 km, will have six stations, 62 towers, 377 cabins (with a capacity for10 people), and will be connected to Metro Line 3 and Metrobus Line 1. In addition, the travel time is expected to be 33 minutes. He also explained that the Indios Verdes Cablebus station and the walkways connecting to the Modal Transfer Center (CETRAM) have been completed. The other stations on Line 1 are nearly done with the stations of Ticomán being 99 percent complete and La Pastora, 97 percent. The Campos Revolución, Cuautepec and Tlalpexco stations are complete, of which the last two are already in operation.

Regarding Line 2, it consists of 18,270 square meters of construction, 10.6 km of distance, seven stations and 305 cabins (with a capacity for 10 people each). The travel time on this line is expected to be 40 minutes. Construction wise, the stations that have already been completed are: Constitución 1917; Lomas Estancia (where the cabins are stored) and Santa Marta. The Quetzalcóatl, Las Torres Buenavista and San Miguel Teotongo stations are 99 percent complete, while Xalpa is 95 percent complete.

As reported by Mexico Business News, Line 1 had an investment of nearly US$140 million and generated 2,800 jobs, while Line 2 had a bigger investment of approximately US$148 million. Line 3 is set to begin operations in 2022 and Sheinbaum has even mentioned a fourth Cablebús project. However, Line 4 is still in its early planning stage, as the government is waiting for the completion of the Interurban Train to see the impact it will have on the demand for public transportation.

Photo by:   MBN

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