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Cablebús Lines 1 and 2 Report 80 Percent Progress

By Paloma Duran | Mon, 10/26/2020 - 15:56

The Mexico City government reported that Line 1 of the new Cablebús mobility project, which travels from Indios Verdes to Cuautepec, has an 82 percent progress. Meanwhile, Line 2 that travels from Constitucion 1917 to Santa Marta has an 81 percent advance.

Cablebús works started on Jan. 15 and its construction has reached major milestones throughout the year: a 50 percent advance in March, a 70 percent in May and 75 percent progress in July.

Minister of Works and Services Jesús Antonio Esteva Medina mentioned during an online conference that next week, the installation of the cable that will carry and transport cabins will begin. In addition, he informed that the infrastructure project is expected to conclude in December or January of next year.

In addition, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum gave more information about each Cablebús line. Line 1 is being constructed with almost MX$3 billion (US$144 million); it will be 9.2km in length and will have 62 towers and six stations located in Indios Verdes, Ticoman, La Pastora, Campos Revolucion, Tlalpexco and Cuautepec. Traveling from beginning to end of the line will take 33 minutes.

The Indios Verdes station has a 97 percent progress that includes the construction and installation of electrical and hydraulic systems. Ticoman station has a 40 percent progress including the installation of a new cistern. Cautepec has 40 percent progress with the construction of an electromechanical infrastructure, while Tlalpexco station has a 96 percent progress.

Forty of the 62 towers that the project contemplates have been already constructed, 14 are being cemented, three are in construction and the others are being planned. In addition, 100 percent of all electromechanical equipment has been produced and 93 percent is already in Mexico reported Sheinbaum.

Line 2, on the other hand, received a MX$3.2 billion (US$154 million) investment. It will be 11km in length and travel time will be of 40 minutes across seven stations: Constitucion de 1917, Quetzalcoatl, Buenavista, Minas, Lomas de la Estancia, San Miguel Teotongo y Santa Marta. This line is expected to connect with Metro’s Line 8 and the electric tram.

The Constitución de 1917 station has a 70 percent progress. Twenty of the 59 towers of this line are already constructed, 14 are being cemented, 17 are under construction and eight are being planned.

Sheinbaum explained that the Ministry of Economic Development will provide the guidelines and norms on how this project will be administrated. In addition, authorities highlighted that this infrastructure does not only aim at improving mobility but at generating urban development in the neighborhood where the stations are located.

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Photo by:   Ilya Shishikhin
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