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Campeche Landowners Claim They Were Tricked By Mayan Train

Thu, 10/15/2020 - 19:08

Animal Político reported that land owners of the Champoton region of the state of Campeche have accused FONATUR of deceiving them into giving away their land for the Mayan Train project. According to representatives of the ejido in question, they were pressured to sign legal documents back in May without being able to read them, to negotiate prices or to receive counsel or advice from any civil organization. They were led to believe that their signature could be exchanged for a check that would pay for their permission to lend right of way to the Mayan Train through their lands. However, it turned out that the documents were in fact authorizing their removal from those lands previous to federal land expropriation by the project’s operators and constructors. The accusers are claiming fraud by law firm Barrientos & Asociados, hired by FONATUR to represent the dependency in these negotiations. 

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INFONAVIT Reform Sent To Congress

During yesterday's daily morning press conference, President López Obrador said that the INFONAVIT reform initiative has been sent to Congress so that the National Fund for Workers' Housing Loans can be delivered without intermediaries. The president said he met with INFONAVIT´s board members on Tuesday and that final details are being discussed. An agreement is coming, said López Obrador on Twitter on Tuesday, after the meeting. “A tripartite institution represented by public servants, labor and business leaders. We are about to reach a good agreement for the benefit of the workers. It will soon be announced,” he tweeted.

Presidential Plane Raffle Results Due Tomorrow

President López Obrador said that leaders of the National Lottery and the Institute to Give Back to the People What Was Stolen (INDEP) will report tomorrow the results of the so-called presidential plane raffle. “There were businessmen who bought tickets and asked us to deliver them to the poorest schools in the country and some of them were winners. I think there were eight winners among schools in marginalized communities.” He said that each winner will get US$940,000 per winning ticket. The luxury aircraft is still for sale after almost 20 months of trying to find a buyer.

Transisthmic Corridor Close to Finish Line

President López Obrador claimed that the Transisthmic Corridor was 86.8 percent advanced at the 80m dock of the Port of Coatzacoalcos, which had received 4,092 pieces of rail, and had reached a 75.6 percent progress in terms of road infrastructure. The project includes several infrastructure works, such as modernizing the Isthmus of Tehuantepec railroad and the ports of Coatzacoalcos and Salina Cruz, strengthening the road infrastructure and rural roads and building a gas pipeline to supply businesses and domestic consumers. In addition, an optic fiber line will be installed along the isthmus to reinforce digital connectivity in the region and benefit businesses and communities currently lacking internet services.

US$13.96 Billion Allocated to Infrastructure

The federal government announced that as part of the Agreement for Economic Recovery, it would allocate US$13.96 billion to infrastructure projects in the communications and transportation, energy, water and environment sectors. It also announced that US$7.42 billion will be allocated to the construction of 20 mobility projects that include beltways, highways, connection works and road junctions, US$2.57 billion to the installation of a cooker in the Tula refinery and US$100.1 million to solid urban waste management in Naucalpan, State of Mexico and to the construction of the water supply system for AICM.

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