CEMEX Wins Tender for Cancun Highway Renovation
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CEMEX Wins Tender for Cancun Highway Renovation

Photo by:   Gerson Repreza
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Fernando Mares By Fernando Mares | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 05/31/2022 - 17:25

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communication and Transportation (SICT) announced that CEMEX won the tender for the repair of the Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard and the update of a collector road leading to Cancun International Airport.


According to SICT, the proposal offered by CEMEX scored 99 points in the tender process and showed better cost-benefit provisions, a higher quality and improved financing conditions, among other advantages compared to competitors. The works will be carried out along the Mexican Federal Highway 307.


The project requires an investment of over US$51 million to restore 13km of the boulevard and improve the mobility, safety and comfort of the road’s users while reducing the traveling time. The contract is to be signed on June 6, 2022 and the works, expected to take 450 days, will begin on Jun 16, 2022.


In Feb. 2022, President López Obrador announced the project during his visit to Cancun as part of an infrastructure project managed by the Mayor of the Benito Juarez municipality, Mara Lezama.

According to Lezama, the project will be built using hydraulic concrete and will increase the number of lanes up to 10. Other key features are new public lighting, green areas and cloverleaf interchanges, as well as new connections with Huayacan avenue and a link with the Chac Mol Avenue. 


The project is part of the federal government’s investment plan to boost tourism in the state, which is Quintana Roo’s most important economic activity. The plan includes the eponymous 8.8km Nichupte bridge, which will cross the lagoon it was named after. The project will require a total investment of US$2 billion and will be managed under a Public-Private Partnership, where the federal government will contribute 39 percent, the state government 6 percent and the private sector 54 percent of the total investment. 


“The agreement with the three entities will establish the development of joint strategies, instruments and actions for the construction of the Nichupte vehicular bridge, the modernization of Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio and its junction with the airport, as well as the extension of Chac Mool Avenue and its connection with other means of road communication,” said SICT in a release regarding the investment plan.


According to the parties, the agreement will speed up the exchange of technical information and the permitting processes.

Photo by:   Gerson Repreza

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