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Designing a Mixed-Use Skyline

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 17:42

Mexican real estate developers are not only reaching for the sky but adding new uses to their projects to offer a unique value proposition. In a competitive market, the traditional commercial or corporate space requires innovation in the types of spaces offered. Location, location, location continues to be a top factor that makes a project successful, but developers are also reacting to the new rules of the game.

What makes it successful?
Torre Reforma broke the skyline with a sustainable and unique design. A 20th century INBA-protected house was moved to make way for the skyscraper. Although not a strictly mixed-use construction, the location gave the office tower an edge and attracted the first Mac Store to Mexico, along with a 2,500m2 Sport City and a unique food court concept, thus incorporating mixed-use elements.

What makes it successful?
Torre Manacar brought the Insurgentes Sur Corridor back to life with a mixed-use project that rekindled both commercial and office flames. The project restored a community legacy, Cine Manacar, and kept it as part of the project itself. Its anchor stores are H&M and Cinemex, bringing a new value to the area. The project is surrounded by a variety of mobility choices making it a sustainable option for corporates.

What makes it successful?
This mixed-use mega-construction incorporates the traditional commercial and office space concept with an auditorium, convention center and hotel to increase traffic. This development sparked construction in the Monterrey downtown district, a step away from the traditional San Pedro Garza Garcia district. Part of the project restored public infrastructure and created a corridor connecting to the Macroplaza.