Despite Controversies NAIM’s Savings will Fund Mayan Train
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Despite Controversies NAIM’s Savings will Fund Mayan Train

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Lorenzo Núñez By Lorenzo Núñez | Livestream Producer - Fri, 02/26/2021 - 14:23

President Lopez Obrador said the Mayan Train will be financed by the savings acquired from the cancellation of the NAIM.

Surrounded by controversy and despite the numerous amounts of suspension orders reported by MBN, the president remains adamant in regards to the construction of the Mayan Train. Some of the most recent provisional suspensions come from a judge in Yucatán, where he ordered the suspension in 3 municipalities, reported El Imparcial. FONATUR considered these indigenous complaints to be completely false and nothing more than an elaborate plot from the opposition. In President Lopez Obrador’s eyes, nothing will stop the construction of the Mayan train and he defends the project by saying that the trials in Yucatan are risking the economy of the state itself. The Mayan Train project is calculated to create over 36,000 jobs, and that is only in its initial construction stage. FONATUR will remain on standby until the trials reach an objective point, reported by Real Estate Market.

When comparing finances with the original NAIM project, cancelling the construction of the airport has allowed the government to save approximately MX$230 million, said the president. He also pointed out that the location originally intended for the construction of the Texcoco airport (past administration´s airport construction) was experiencing constant flooding.

After the controversy of the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) at the beginning of this week, the president pointed out that this remains a tactic of his adversaries, just as the controversies surrounding the Mayan Train. The financial benefits of the Santa Lucía airport are real, as reported by Milenio. The president continues talking about his proposal where the House of Representatives would investigate the report in attempts of finding out the possibility of foul play, one that would proof an attack on his government. There are only two options. Either the ASF made a mistake, or it was made that way on purpose. Nevertheless, the damage to his government has been done, he expressed.

Photo by:   skipp604

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