Distrito Armida to Breathe New Life into Monterrey

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 14:34

As urbanization spreads and people in cities increasingly look for a better quality of life, mixed-use spaces are rapidly becoming the next big trend. Providing a space where citizens can live, work and play has become a must for many developers. GM Capital’s 600,000m2 Distrito Armida project in Monterrey fits the bill.

The development, in the Valle Oriente neighborhood of the San Pedro Garza García commercial district, is expected to
be carried out in five phases, with the first 111,000m2 already under construction. This stage will provide a 6,600m2 commercial podium at the base with more than 40 retail locations, including restaurants, a gourmet market, a fitness 223 center, a hotel and a cultural venue for exhibitions and art events. It will even incorporate a kindergarten. This phase will also see the construction of the first of GM Capital’s four office towers in Distrito Armida: the 20-storey Torre Malva.

Torre Malva is designed to frame the urban complex and is already in the pre-sale phase. With more than 18,000m2 of office space for sale or rent, it will have a reception area with services and controlled access, security systems, more than 1,400 mixed underground parking spaces, a lunch room, meeting rooms, a daycare center, a play area and a terrace.

To combine business with leisure, Distrito Armida will also contain an exhibition hall for institutional and business events, as well as entertainment activities. The development’s 8,500m2 AC Marriott hotel will have 168 rooms and first-class amenities. Distrito Armida will also incorporate a sizeable three-tower residential complex, designed by renowned firm The Jerde Partnership.

Phase two, expected to begin construction in 3Q18 will include a second, 150-room hotel, the second 12,800m2 office tower and 1,000m2 of space intended for retail and services. During phase three, expected to begin in 2019, three new residential buildings will be constructed, each with more than 360 modern and comfortable apartments and 5,500m2 of exclusive commercial space will be added. Phase four will see the growth of the district with the third, 22,000m2 office tower and a 1,000m2 extension to the commercial area. The final phase is expected to consolidate the growth of Distrito Armida with the construction of a new 38,000m2 office tower as well as 2,000m2 commercial area that will be allocated to house the best brands and establishments in the area. The fourth and fifth phases are expected to be completed within a 10- to 15-year range.