Estado de México Inaugurates Xico Scientific Park
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Estado de México Inaugurates Xico Scientific Park

Photo by:   Image by blickpixel from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 03/17/2023 - 09:00

Estado de Mexico inaugurated the Xico Science Park in the municipality of Valle de Chalco to put the entity at the forefront of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. The park is part of a series of recovered spaces that the state government seeks to improve for communities in the region, aiming to promote family life and sports practice, states a press release

“We are handing over the fifth Science Park as a recovery area, a green space in this densely populated area. The smell of the water and the contamination that the liquids here generated, made it very difficult to be in this area," said Estado de Mexico’s Governor Alfredo del Mazo. 

Del Mazo highlighted that Xico Science Park features a dog area, children's games, a maze area, a pendulum, a farm area, and a treatment plant, among others. The governor forecasted that the park would impact more than 1 million people, including students from 22 schools nearby. 

The park contains a body of water that feeds the Xico lagoon, which is shared with Mexico City. This is one of the most important areas for water supply in the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico. Both states are collaborating to increase water supply in the area through a program that has invested MX$18 billion (US$950 million). 

Del Mazo explained that six science parks will be put into operation once the La Paz Science Park is delivered. Currently, the Atizapán de Zaragoza Science Park is the largest in Mexico and one of the largest in Latin America, measuring more than 4.5km in length and passing through 30 neighborhoods. 

The Fundadores Science Park in Toluca was recovered from a green area and contains an exhibition area and a planetarium. The Tlalnepantla Science Park is considered a lung for one of the most populated areas in the state and has an artificial lake, sports fields, cultural and exhibition spaces for coexistence. Lastly, the Sierra Morelos Science Park, located in Toluca, features an axolotl breeding and exhibition installation.

Rodrigo Jarque, Ministry of Finance, State of Mexico, explained that the state has invested the most public resources in science and technology out of all 32 entities. Jarque added that the state promotes innovation and support for education and financing in favor of scientists. The operation was carried out with a social and sustainable bond implemented in 2022, which allows the state to align with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Photo by:   Image by blickpixel from Pixabay

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