Francisco Caballero
Director of Broadband Latin America
Alliance Corporation
View from the Top

Expanding Horizons Through Less Traditional Markets

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 13:30

Q: What are Alliance Corporation’s main opportunities for security and surveillance in Mexico?

A: Demand for security services in Mexico is among the highest in the world, particularly when it comes to surveillance. The capital is setting a benchmark in this market that other cities follow because all municipalities have large gaps to fill when it comes to surveillance and security in the country. We actively participate in municipal initiatives to establish safe cities.

NAICM is also of interest to us, particularly video surveillance for both the construction and operational phases. A project like this requires a complex distribution of antenna systems and fiber optics to ensure complete and connected coverage, which we can provide. Industrial warehouses are another opportunity area. We predict a boom in wireless needs for this segment that will be similar to that seen with commercial centers and hotels.

Alliance Corporation normally works with integrators that work for developers. They request our support in wireless and security services to complement the requirements outlined in their tenders. Alliance Corporation can provide the entire security and surveillance system needed by both the public and private sectors. Many projects need exact radio frequencies and high levels of efficiency that our equipment can provide. We differentiate ourselves from competitors through our financial options and services. Unlike other companies, we allow clients to rent our equipment and divide the payments in terms of up to five years. This financial model adapts perfectly to the public sector’s budget or for integrators that have to balance many responsibilities.

Q: How can Alliance Corporation’s services help projects shorten logistics times and costs?

A: As a global company, we are introducing international benchmarks to Mexico. For instance, in the US most distributors deliver directly to project sites instead of warehousesorstoragecenters,reducingtimeandcosts while facilitating the installation process. But this is not the culture in Mexico and many clients do not understand why we offer onsite delivery. Offering this service can also be challenging because we are increasingly incorporating more products into our portfolio. Soon we will have to expand our 3,000m2 warehouse.

Deciding how much we want to invest into our warehouse is tricky. Companies in the US tend to only invest in warehouses after contracts are signed but in Mexico clients want to see that we have the products readily available before signing. We have to adapt to these expectations and cultural differences. Our goal is to modernize not only our company but the entire industry.

Alliance Corp also strive to be the best and most strategic option for partnership, not simply the biggest distributor. This is when our service helps us stand out the most. Certain competitors may be able to ship in shorter times but the initial contact process takes much longer. Clients have to contact several people to decide what to purchase and then place their order, waiting a week or longer for a reply while we can respond to inquiries in less than two days. Competitors may be able to ship instantaneously but we can identify the needs of our clients more quickly.

Q: What role does the private sector play in your business strategy?

A: For 2018, we want to pursue partnerships to consolidate larger private-sector accounts. Alliance Corporation in Mexico plans to have a diverse portfolio that includes both large and small companies. Our portfolio is transitioning from being more traditionally public sector to one that is increasingly private because the public sector has dropped its demand significantly. It is also important for us to establish relationships with small companies because many have the potential to grow into medium or large companies. We want to achieve consistent and high rates of profit because the last couple of quarters have been challenging for us.